The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)

The Addams Family

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Game design: 8.617

Artwork: 8.43

Sounds/Music: 8.268

Other Aspects: 8.642

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8 days ago
I like this game a lot, it really has that 1 more play factor. Gotta love "Showtime" and unlike some people I love the chaos the magnet causes.
21 days ago
For a pin that was made in 1992 still holds strong to this day. It's the complete pinball machine and deserves to be in everyone's collection. I sold mine years ago, but I would LOVE to have one back. The theme is what does it for me along with the rules, music, lights and layout. There's so many unique things about this machine from The Thing's hand to the knocks in the cabinet, all very memorable stuff. This was the best selling pinball of all time, and yet it's hard to find one nowadays.
23 days ago
You know when you;re hanging out with your brother's group of older friends and they mention a really hot mom they have a crush on and you think to yourself "really? she's not that hot?" that's Addams Family for me. There has been many positive reviews which are valid, but I feel this pin shows its age. There are a lot of modes but are quite basic just like the toys on the playfield. However, I can see how this pin can be rated high as there is a lot going on but it feels old.
25 days ago
Really good sounds, play field layout, modes to complete. The subways/tunnels are cool. Thing toy is neat. There's not as much depth as I expected here and the animations aren't great. I wouldn't want to own this one. Doesn't make me come back to it. It was ahead of its time for sure
37 days ago
Such a great machine and my one regret was not buying it when I had the chance to at a reasonable price. Now I will just have to stumble upon one hopefully. Great machine, loads of fun to play, lots of interaction, good theme, good gimmicks. Just an over great machine that is a classic.
45 days ago
The Sistine chapel of pinball. This game, quite frankly, is the pinnacle of pinball perfection.
Find one, play one, and fall in love.
46 days ago
The second pin I brought! Loved the movie and the pin captures the character of the theme perfectly, the sounds and speech are top notch and the modes are pure Addams immersion. Great variety of shots and playfield gimmicks/toys from IT to the POWER, crossramp shots, scoops, magnets, ramps galore Addams has it all wrapped up in a wonderful theme!

If CGC & PPS ever do another remake after MMr & AFMr I hope to see Addams remake, I would love to experience a NIB Addams as I wasn't born to experience it the first time.
50 days ago
THE classic of the '90s. Simple to play, the multiball and the hand are really cool!
53 days ago
Addams Family offers a variety of shots and "special effects", but the overall flow of the game is a sort of surge then flail experience. I'm also not a fan of Thing flipping for me (because he's usually off - even though this feature can be disabled, you never know what you'll get on location). The chair scoop is a little too close to the flippers and some of the shots in the back are too obscured by all the crap on the field (the spinner, the other scoop, etc.). Finally, while "The Power" magnet is entertaining, it add too much randomness and broken momentum to be of any value.

I really think this game takes a special kind of player to appreciate - and I'm not him.
61 days ago
A fantastic layout and lots of great modes (especially seance). The main multiball is great, with an awesome light and sound show when it starts. The art package is decent, with a great backglass and good cabinet let down by a mediocre playfield.
The "wizard mode" is fun to work towards, but its payoff is pretty terrible. It would have been better if it awarded all the modes at once with a multiball instead of each mode sequentially, but that would have probably made for very uneven scoring.
71 days ago
Played on location. Fun game. The hand grabbing the ball is awesome!
73 days ago
Callouts for some reason stand out to me as a little underwhelming. Game of course is amazing. You can't have too many pops! Showing its age now codewise though.
80 days ago
Addictive..brilliant..unique..simply 1 of the best games I've ever played.
3 months ago
The design of the playfield is outstanding on its own merit. Multiple holes, ramps, extra flipper shots, with reasonable level of difficulty make for a good variety and challenge. Add the outstanding and lovable theme of The Addams Family and you have the recipe for the most profitable/popular pins of all time.

A primo game with artwork and theme to make it the best pin if you even casually like The Addams Family.
3 months ago
A fun, iconic machine.
3 months ago
This is a fun game and would play it every time I would go to a location. Some things/gimmick animations delay the game play a bit for me. The first few times you see them, they are pretty cool. I wouldn't mind owning this as a filler pin as I would play it occasionally if it was in my collection, but others would likely want to play it because of the theme and the cool gimmicks.
4 months ago
4 months ago
Is the only pinball i have in my house (the rest are in the garage). Simply the best for me in my collection.
4 months ago
This is a overrated pinball. Pat lawlor just try to improve Whirlwind layout. Lights are geats.
4 months ago
Pat lawlor what a genius
5 months ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

Addams family is one of those games that feels like riding your favorite bike around the neighborhood. Easy to get on, easy to ride and easy for you to enjoy. Love the theme and game play. My downside is that when you play this pin in public, it's usually in horrible shape which leads to a poor experience. I honestly haven't encountered a good pin in public and get my fix on Pinball Arcade.
5 months ago
This game keeps me begging to play more definitely a keeper
6 months ago
If I owned a pinball company and wanted to produce the ultimate game, this would be the one! Sales numbers aside I think only AFM rivals Addams for being the total package. Neither playfield layout, rules, artwork, sounds, nor animations make the game alone. But when you put it all together you get a masterpiece. The design team just crushed it. The buildup to multiball is probably the most exciting since Black Knight, and the building the mansion is stupid fun. Although short, Seance is the best mode ever. It's probably all been said about Addams Family. And yes, I'm a little nostalgic as I remember playing it in the arcade in the 90's. If Addams Family was built 5 years later, had WPC 95 technology and lower sales numbers we'd all be paying double the price for it. Knock three times.
7 months ago
TAF - Bally's magnum opus. The top selling machine in pinball history. The year is 2016, and I finally have this in my collection. I was very blessed to receive this machine from a fellow Pinsider, and he had taken great care of it. Very happy to own one, and I'll jump right in.

So, TAF was introduced right as DMD graphics were first being produced. On that note, there aren't a WHOLE lot of animations on the screen and they can seem a bit repetitive. It's nothing that ruins the game, in fact, to me it's a "less is more" scenario that gives TAF a lil' bit of throwback charm. Just don't go in expecting movie clips like today's Stern games. Not going to happen.

Gorgeous translite art fully encapsulating the vibe and image of the movie the game is based on. Cabinet art is subtle with Thing twirling and shooting the pinball all over the place. Great stuff, looks the part and to the point.

The playfield with the mansion center stage - looks fabulous. It seems like we have seen this layout before, say, Whirldwind? Not a direct copy by any stretch, but you can see the similarities, and hey, with Pat Lawlor working both - I think that's a bit expected. No biggie here.

The gimmicks and toys on this one, man - the 3 magnets underneath the playfield, Thing coming out of the box and taking your ball, the "Thing Flips" flipper shooting the shot for you - you just don't see this level of toys anymore. Hell with all the bash toys (looking at you MetPro and TWD): THIS is how you implement features and toys. And then after you drain the ball, Thing randomly flips the flippers with the end of the Addams family music. Absolutely awesome.

The sounds and callouts are pretty good overall. Raul Julia put in some very intense custom voicework for us, and man, did he give it his all - especially with "Showtime!!!" and "Who says you can't take it with you???" Lightshows are spectacular on this one - especially the buildup to Showtime MB - fan-flipping-tastic.

Look, I'm slow here with finally owning TAF 24 years later after it came out. Think about that, a quarter century since it came out - some of your kids have been born and gone to college already before I bought my TAF. Why would I go with this over a new Spooky, JJP, or Stern? It's just got a charm to it. This was pinball at its peak when there was "magic" still to the game. Everyone knew TAF, and this game crosses 3-4 generations of people who love TAF. It doesn't feel cheap or watered down with its QA, and it certainly doesn't feel like a collector's item in terms of rarity. It is a game for everyone - not just people with deep pockets or those who love supporting a company that keeps cost-cutting while price increasing.

It is simply a great game, and sure, touring the mansion is easy, but there's more to this game than that. It is a game of character with some of the most recognizable characters in film history. My only regret was taking so long to finally get one. ColorDMD and Pinsound board already installed, and man, with the motion picture orchestra score playing, this game just got even better....!

The only problem is finding one with a great playfield. These games were beaten into oblivion, and with CPR scheduled to release the repo playfields about the same time I look to retire from the Air Force, make sure you shop around and find one in solid condition. There's a lot of them out there, but don't take too long. They are getting harder to find in solid condition without paying a small fortune.

I'd type more, but I think I heard Gomez just tell me that it's............SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 months ago
Really fun game.
There are 532 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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