The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)

The Addams Family

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Game design: 8.648

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Sounds/Music: 8.309

Other Aspects: 8.667

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This is "The Addams Family".
The other version is: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), The

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Found 590 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 590 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
One of the most fun games I’ve played. Will play at any shop anytime I see it! One of Lawlor’s finest games!
26 days ago
Owned one for just over a year. I didn't really enjoy it back in the 90's on location but I hoped I would enjoy it more in the home environment on free play....I just didn't gel with it at all. I think it's a very overrated pin. I found myself going into the games room every night and forcing myself to play it due to the money spent on it rather than actually wanting to play it. All the ingredients are there. Lots of cool toys, good artwork, callouts, theme etc. Layout is good. I just don't like playing it. Too much stop start gameplay and repetition. Never regretted selling mine for a split second.
45 days ago
A gem across the board and deservedly counted as one of the greatest machines ever made.
48 days ago
Sorry this has to be the single most overrated game in history. The toys are horrible like the book case is blue or the library is red or whatever why not theme those? This game was made to be mass produced and cheap as possible. Lucky for us people are making mods today to drastically improve the game.

NOw after you’ve spent around 1000 on mods and upgrades the play field is much better. Certain things shouldn’t be involved in the game like a train the Adams Family are mostly about the interior of the their house. This game can be 100% better game only after you’ve spent a lot of money to make it feel and look more like the Adams Family. This is a game I’d like to see re-done but a modern version with movie clips of the TV show not the movie.
74 days ago
You can't go wrong with this machine. I've played it WAY more than any other. I remember playing it over and over as a kid in the arcade and still find myself coming back to want to play whenever I have the chance even now time and time again!
75 days ago
Good game but not a keeper.
77 days ago
I really like this pin, everything works well together... theme, sound, game play, it's just a lot of fun! It's just a touch on the dark side but once you get going it lights up better. If I owned the machine I doubt it would leave my collection.
78 days ago
Your goal should be to Tour the Mansion by getting all tasks lit. Along the way there is enough variation in the tasks to keep longer playing times interesting. For a 1992 production they put a lot of effort into the speech & callouts. Longer games can lead to repetition though. The layout with 3 ramps & 3 shots works well. For 1992 the animitronics are very well done. All games should start with some short of skill shot as it engages the player immediately. While many of these jave been produced, it does not take away from wanting to walk up & credit it. It is a pleasure to watch people play it for the first time. The rule set is shallow enough to explain yet deep enough to engage even some of the most seasoned players. The general appearance the topper are above average, but could players in better.
88 days ago
Ok pin with an iconic theme however not my cup of tea. I do see how others can love it...just not for me.
3 months ago
For me this game is WAY to overrated. Some neat features but 100 percent not worth the price tag.
3 months ago
I already had this game in the past that I had traded for a TOMMY with money, attracted by the reputation of this pinball machine.
Huge mistake that I still regret.

Today a friend has lent me his game for some time and I find that I find this game always as bad, impossible to keep a good flow as each action gives right to a DOT animation or a sound that stops the game, half of the missions are useless, we can start a mission
while you have not completed the current one, etc ... When I see the price that sells this thing is to wonder if the players ... play.

A potato.
3 months ago
Had this game now for 10 years and never get sick of looking and playing the game ,getting the 13 windows always a challenge and the rewards are great if you get there,always rated this machine as one of all time greatest machine ever built
3 months ago
Every Addams Family machine I've played has been in pretty rough shape and poorly-lit. Look forward to playing a proper one!
3 months ago
What a classic game. Nothing is worse, than a TAF out in the wild....and doesnt play correctly. On location, Taf always gets the bulk of my quarters. Great sound, straight forward rules, and the subtle humor. Highly reccomend....multiball never gwts old.
3 months ago
Tried it a couple of Times.....not for me. (Yet?)
3 months ago
A bit over rated for me... But I understand the appeal.
4 months ago
Very fun game that was ahead of it's time. Some very unique and nice shots. Great shot through the bumpers. Excellent theme tie in. Rules are a little shallow when compared to more recent games. Not a huge fan of the playfield magnets, disrupts the flow a bit.
4 months ago
Great game don't think I will ever sell it.
4 months ago
I have resisted rating TaF for a while in part because it may be the most played machine of all time, in part because of my inherent biases (note my user name!), and in part because there may be nothing original to say about it.

I could be contrarian by listing the things I don't like about it:

- the playfield's not balanced, the way a lot of Lawlor machines aren't balanced. Bumpers at the bottom, unusually cruel outlanes, so many unique shots that the playfield feels like a series of little games not one big one, sometimes.

- the complexity of the design invariably means that when you run into a machine that's not tuned, the game can play terribly.

- Lawlor's reputation for innovation is deserved, but also his repetition for having such a signature feel that sometimes it feels like every Lawlor is just a new edition of the same single machine. TAF is now relatively early in his design stretch, but even a machine as fantastic as Dialed In!, I can close my eyes and feel the same shots I take on Earthshaker.

Not to say that this machine's reputation is ill-deserved; when you find a machine in excellent working condition, it remains a pleasure to play. Whether this or Twilight Zone is the ultimate epitome of Lawlorness will be the perennial question (I myself am increasingly partial to Ripley's, which only lacks the actual animated head and a better scoring right flipper shot to make it the ultimate synthesis of Lawlorhood).
4 months ago
really do not get the flow of this table. no ball save...ehhh just doesn't do it for me. maybe its our local table, but just is no fun to play on.
4 months ago
I grabbed this game based on the ratings and I am glad I did...
There's something about it that pulls me back...
Mind u I never last long with multiball for some reason...
It's s fun game to play and my favourite of that era...
It's my only 90s game I kept...
4 months ago
So I remember playing this as a kid, and loving it. Fast forward 20 years and I play this again as an adult and just don’t see what I loved about it. The shots feel wonky and the left bumpers are even closer than Jurassic Park’s. The vault and the stairway are fun, but there’s nothing I love about this game except the theme. I really did love the Addams family movie as a kid, so wouldn’t mind owning one some day. But again, just don’t see why it’s so highly rated. At the time, probably one of the better know licenses on a machine, but other than that, I just don’t get it. Maybe I need to play it a few more times to remember... I’d prefer to purchase two reasonably priced pins instead of one of these.
5 months ago
Very fun game. I enjoy playing over and over. Ramp shot and holes shot fun aspect of game. Very deserving of the hype. A must for everyone;s collection. Truly amazing with 20,000 unites out there it seems in short supply for collectors.
5 months ago
This is one of the all time greatest pins made. The theme works well, on so many levels. The sounds and speech that correspond with the movie are great. The fun factor is way up there too.
5 months ago
This was one of my first favourites, but the more I play it the less it grabs me. For me it's naturally linked to Twilight Zone, as it is for probably most people, and it's weird because I initially enjoyed Addams Family a lot more than TZ, but I now like TZ way more. For one thing, I like the modes in TZ a lot more, in Addams Family most of them are just so blah and they don't seem to stack as well. It's a lot more satisfying to have an awesome ball in TZ where you complete a ton of modes and rack huge points during and at the end of the ball. It's just a lot meatier than AF, where the modes aren't as well defined and don't give as many points. TZ also plays more dangerous than AF, which makes it more fun to me. The whole lower left side of TZ's playfield is extremely dangerous and often results in a left outlane drain, so it adds a lot of tension keeping the ball out of the there and if/when it does go in there. AF is much safer, with a double outlane on the left and a right outlane that's tucked behind a few features. It's relatively easy to keep the ball going compared with TZ, the most dangerous spot is the middle, but you usually have more time to nudge the ball over if it's going to drain there. The shots in AF are also easier. It's simpler and less risky to shoot the mode start scoop in AF because it's closer and in TZ there's always a chance of an immediate bounce back drain if you miss. In AF if you hold the ball you can lob it softly at the scoop, but in TZ you have to shoot it firmly to get it in. The main ball-locking shot in AF is also a lot easier than in TZ. Shooting it up to Thing is super simple because it's a straight shot to a big gap and if the bookcase is open you have two paths to make it. The TZ ball-locking shot is a tight angle with a small gap. All these things are why I enjoy TZ more: more risk/reward, more tension, harder shots. The games have equally awesome themes, call outs, music, backglasses, rules, good toys and special features. I do like battling the power in TZ a lot more than dealing with the power in AF. In AF the power is an annoyance which messes with your ball in the middle of the playfield while in TZ it's confined to its own mini-playfield and you only confront it there. Much better design. Both games are fairly repetitive, but that's really the nature of pinball, repeated shot-making. AF takes this too far in my opinion tho and makes you shoot some shots way too many times. For example, you get different awards for shooting the center bear-kick ramp at certain intervals up to 95 times, I believe. The game encourages you to shoot one shot 95 times in a game; to me that is more annoying than a test of shot-making. All in all I still love AF, it's still a great game that holds up well 25 years later, has a lot of innovative features, a great theme, awesome art and sound, good scoring, and a good layout. It's just not as good as TZ, which is extremely similar in gameplay. This makes perfect sense as TZ was made a year later by the same designer (Pat Lawlor), allowing him to perfect his ideas from AF. As a standalone game it's one of the best of all time, but in my mind it does not standalone because it's so similar to TZ and they were released so near to each other by the same designer. AF is like Alexander Ovechkin to TZ's Sidney Crosby. They came out together, are both all-time greats, but one is just slightly better and if you had to pick one, you'd take Crosby every time. If I had an AF and a TZ, I would play the TZ 10x more, but if I didn't have the TZ I would play the AF more than pretty much any other machine. I will say this, however: the side art on AF is definitely better.
There are 590 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 24.

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