The Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition) (Bally, 1994)

The Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition)

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Game design: 8.271

Artwork: 8.001

Sounds/Music: 7.767

Other Aspects: 8.266

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There are multiple version of this game

Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition)". The other version is: Addams Family, The (regular version)

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1 month ago
I am going to repeat my review of this title, because even with the slight upgrades in code, lighting effects, and features, it is the same game as TAF. Upgraded "gold" parts, make little difference in today's collector world. You are paying to be the "1 of 1000". The original collector's edition parts even had some defects, that had to be worked out. If you want to own one and are willing to pay the price tag (not all TAF:Gold are created equal...), make sure you have the proper verifiable certificate of authenticity and gold plate.

Classic game that is still going strong (This "short" review is worth reading, folks, I have owned THREE).
Absolutely timeless pinball machine for a number of reasons.
Here are some of them:
#1 Operators continue to make money on the game, even though it is over 20+ years old
#2 It has a collectible theme, that is recognizable
#3 Easy for new pinball players to pick up and play
#4 Family Friendly
#5 Fun game modes with varied styles
#6 Good use of technology in design for the period (thing flipper, hand, Feel the power)

What does it not have?
A deep ruleset, but "Tour the Mansion" wizard mode is good.
Getting harder to find one without magnet burns or mansion insert issues, unless a reproduction playfield was installed.
Expect to GROSSLY OVERPAY for most machines, because all owners think TAF is made of "pure gold" (including the gold versions) instead of a being an expensive, novelty toy, even if the machine is beat to hell.
There are still plenty of naive new buyers that take the bait. A LOT OF THEM.
If you are paying $11-12k for a TAF, you just got robbed blindly, unless it HUO that was bought NIB, and there are not THAT many of them out there. In fact, it is more likely you will find a gold version that is HUO, but some of the gold parts were inferior in quality to the standard version. WMS started off the whole "Limited Edition" thing over 20 years ago Stern, and their quality control, parts consistency, and engineering did not suck, sorry Stern, you lose BADLY, I will never buy another late model SS Stern game again for the rest of my life.

"Feel the POWER"! (of overpaying for this machine)
Other than that, rounds out a "keeper" collection quite well.
I give it a high rating for what is to COLLECTORS and PLAYERS, not the price tag.
If this review was based on "bang for the buck" it would drop to #60.

I will probably buy a TAF Gold (versus regular TAF AGAIN) at some point down the road, but I am not really in a rush.
I will find the one I am looking for eventually.
This machine gets flipped out all the time, when people go broke.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Humor keeps this game alive, as well as the price tag for collectors, can you say CHA-CHING?!!!
8 months ago
it was a great game in 90's
but not a top for me today
10 months ago
Overall a great pin, but there's no point in blowing stacks more to get the Gold Version as the regular Addams Family can be easily modded into a Gold SCE.
1 year ago
Get a regular TAF. No need to blow your wad on the small extras that can be easily modded.
1 year ago
Love the limited edition aspect. And just love the game play.
1 year ago
The original rules are better, but that's just a rom. I also like the coloured caps for the pop bumpers and blue parts over the gold, but given the extra for the gold, I think it balances out.

Special version of the best ever machine.
1 year ago
A classic PLD with incredible theme integration. This is a fun game to play once in a while, but owning it becomes tiresome. There are two ways to play for points -- tour the mansion or multiball jackpots. For a game with so much going on, just chasing those two goals gets boring. Between the regular ROMS and the SE ROMS, there are some differences in animations, sounds, and call outs, but not enough to really warrant a massive difference in the games. The SE is a collectors game based on price alone. Everyone else can get by saving a some cash with a regular one.
1 year ago
This game has stood the test of time.
1 year ago
Great game but I prefer the original. Not a big fan of the gold trim.
1 year ago
The super fun game. Nice sound, excellent play, good looks. I am still finding new tricks. It never be repetitive or boring. The people that made this game clearly had a good time and did put all creativity in it without looking at the budget.
1 year ago
Classic and collectable
1 year ago
A great classic, I think the original version/roms is the one I would want for a keeper.
2 years ago
The Addams Family is a really popular early 90's machine. The Gold version has awesome gold additions to the cabinet and a few extras. Deep ruleset and all the Addams Family goodness from the standard version machine. Seems to rates highly, consistently. Toys are good but for some reason i wanted more of them or something. The sounds are great and the fun factor is high, especially for fans of that creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky family. Not my favourite machine but it gives you sense of build quality and captures the theme well. Very loved by lots of people - i need to play it more often. A well thought out machine with a big fan base. Plus a very good effort for 1994.
2 years ago
Fun game, but I have played many more games, just as fun for half the price or less. Over inflated price for this game, give me 2 or even 3 games for this one...
2 years ago
TAF started mode based pinball for the DMD era with great modes like "Tunnel Hunt", "Seance" and "Raise the Dead". The playfield layout of this game is near perfect. Pinheads and non pinball players know of and love this game. The magnets really make this one special. Every game can seem fresh not knowing how the balls will react when "The Power" is on. The multiball start light show is still one of the best ever, only the one in MB is better IMO. The game is a bit too easy for good players, and it is starting to show its age against titles like Tron and AC/DC. *Gold version adds in extra animations, sound and rewards. This improves the games playability from the original release. The gold plastic on the jets, thing box etc. is extremely ugly compared to the nice colors of the original.
2 years ago
The gold just doesn't look as good to me. I still want a Addams, but sorry.. not the gold.
Just my own taste.
2 years ago
Overall one of the machines I have spent the most time with that I have not completely "mastered"...mainly because there is not one locally that I can play on a regular basis. Other than that, I give this machine the ratings that I do based on pure FUN! I often utter the word "GREED" in a certain manner during real life conversations in a manner that represents the machine!!!
2 years ago
TAF is one of the most significant machines in pinball history, but Gold ROMs make the game more random and "gold" things on the playfield are ugly yellow compared to the original design. I prefer the original model.
2 years ago
Nice gameplay, Sold over 20,000 for a reason.
2 years ago
A very solid classic pinball machine. I have never understood why such a different rate between the regular machine and the collector one! it's the same game!
2 years ago
Had the chance to play a TAFG last summer and TAF is my all time fave pin so I loved getting to play a Gold, actually is the first pin my daughter ever played also
2 years ago
Great game with really varied gameplay, and a lot of great shots. Objectives are clear, and can be challenging to attain.

The theme doesn't really do it for me - I don't really dig the Addams Family like most people do. That said, the execution is good, considering.
3 years ago
Truly a great game. Worth a dollar play. I consider the layout of this game very nearly perfect. Excellent array of shots, ramps, moving parts. There is something about the gold edition that feels smoother about the play. This is the type of machine one can play for hours a day, days a week.
3 years ago
The Addams Family is one of the best designs of the 90's DMD generation (or any generation for that matter). Period. Testament to this design is that it is still on location 20+ years later, making money and the operators won't sell them.

The Pros:
Instead of spinning discs... we have the (magnetic) power! Love it or hate it... it's there. Great shots from all sides. A skillshot requiring skill. Starting multiball and touring the mansion are always a thrill! You think you are playing a great game and then BAM!.. you get worked. You struggle and flounder on your next game and you can't help it. You're hooked.

The Cons:
The train target is worthless. Would have been a great shot if it was a loop! I don't care for the random Cousin it award/score. I know this is part of the "Gold" package, but I think the original software is better. But these are minor design flaws ("Gold" features). The game's greatness is heads and shoulders above most others. I prefer the standard rules over the "Gold" roms that add random Cousin IT awards from the chair and the swamp. EARN THOSE POINTS!

The Takeaway:
A great game for all (SHOW) time. Pat Lawlor and his amazingly talented team knocked it out of the park on this one. I could talk about it more and more, but chances are, there are other pin-heads out there who can elaborate on this great deck even more eloquently than I possibly could. Play it. Get it in your gameroom if you can. Fortunately, they made over 20k of them.

I finally got one in the stable. I kept the standard roms in it. This game embodies the "one more game" quality better than any other table that I can think of. You find yourself dancing to the game's theme song and snapping your fingers away as the game ends.

OK... one more game!

THIS is the reason why it embodies the DMD era of pinball games. This deck is hard to stop playing. This is what operators want. Make a few modifications and tighten the tilt on this deck... it's a PAPA qualifier. Ease up on the adjustments and this can be a great game for the kids and anyone else who wants to have a nice and relaxing game. The charm of this deck is immediate and long lasting. Play on!

3 years ago
TAFG is my favorite of all my pins, it has all the fun you expect from a pinball machine, plays fast, and has a cool rule set. I can't wait for the color DMD to come out for it.
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