AC/DC (Pro) (Stern, 2012)

AC/DC (Pro)

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Game design: 7.857

Artwork: 7.147

Sounds/Music: 8.585

Other Aspects: 7.939

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There are 146 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
I really want a Pro Vault after playing one at a friends house. The small additions and lighting improvements are just what the pro needed. I own a couple of Stern's other music pins, but I have to admit that the AC/DC songs on this pin are just more appealing to me. This will be my next purchase. Great game!
55 days ago
Come on it is AC/DC ! Great theme with superb artwork as they cleverly avoided to make everything looks cartoonish (Metallica anyone ?). Best played obviously with LOUD sound.
3 months ago
AC/DC is a very fun game with some great shots. The music and modes are very well integrated together in this pin. It makes for a more varied game dependant on which songs you pick.
5 months ago
Nice game
6 months ago
A great theme for an average game. Music and sounds are great. Art is a mixed bag. The cannon is fun, but the rest is just alright.
7 months ago
SUCH an underrated game. Put a Helen decal over Angus and fire away! I had the premium as well. Sold it and kept the Pro.
9 months ago
See my ACDC Prem comments. I played the prem in an arcade several times, loved it, then found and bought one. Then I played a Pro at a show the following week and what a big difference in the two models. The pro seems like a cheap imitation in quality of targets, gimmicks and general looks. The prem seems like a much better machine, even though it is basically the same. The prem has the added playfield that is "kind of" a reward for good play in most modes. The pro lacks that drive to obtain that. The average ratings between the Prem and Pro show that others feel there is a big difference also. Even with that being said, the pro is still a good game. Go for the prem if you can ... it's worth it.
9 months ago
Very fast and fun machine. Rules are tough to figure out. Overal if you like acdc and donot want to spend an extra 2 grand for a lower playfield then the pro works just fine.
10 months ago
Love the music. It's got good flow but I'm not as interested in the field. Very easy to play. I think many people will just enjoy it as I did.
10 months ago
Some shots are very fun. Good Flow, and fast. Ambivalent about the theme, but don't care for the art package or the ruleset. Metallica is really the cream of the crop of Stern's Music pins.
11 months ago
I played this at the Wilderness in Sevierville, TN and played it, and played, and played. I found the cannon and fire button to be unnecessary and distracting, especially when starting multiball, it's a copy of 1991's Terminator 2. I have a 1993 Star Trek TNG and it has much more satisfying and functional cannon shots. This game is fun to play though, I 'll grant that, it's certainly a Steve Ritchie game and flows nicely. The lighting and light shows are good, but what this one needs is some animation in the backglass/backbox. It's 2016 for goodness sake and this game just doesn't draw a crowd. My 1980's Data East Secret Service even has bright lights in the topper and flashers in the backglass, so why doesn't Stern give us some killer light shows in the backglass/backbox sides to draw a crowd? I put up the number 1 score on AC/DC and no one even noticed. When the score gets high, the machine needs to respond so that people know that something special is happening and have a desire to do something special themselves. My suggestion? Add "For Those About to Rock" to the mix when the score gets high or during multiballs and have a smoking and flashing cannon topper with a high power subwoofer and bass shaker in the cabinet. Put lots of superbright undercabinet leds in there for the explosions too. That should get some attention!
One other thing, it's a pinball machine for goodness sake, nudging is part of the game and head banging is part of the theme. I tilted the thing every time I got into the music and every time I got multiball. I felt like Elvis in Florida, can't gyrate hips, only move little finger. It made me want to move a finger alright... my middle one straight up, but I didn't because the machine was in a family environment. Tilting sensitivity should be set up to avoid abuse, not promote it. Speaking of Elvis, it's a better pinball game built in a time when Stern didn't even have any competition (2004). It's time to up the ante Stern; I'm probably being too kind to this game just because of Steve Ritchie.
11 months ago
The music was great, could use more colored lights.
1 year ago
Great music, fast play and lots of customizing that can be done. Fun game!
1 year ago
best music pin out there music wise. ACDC music goes great with pin action and game is alot of fun
1 year ago
The sound track is awesome and the toys capturing the spirit of AC/DC main themes is spot on! The Hell's Bell sound? Oh my God!!!! Very nice game, maybe my next pinball acquisition!
1 year ago
Music good and foot tapping. However very little to aim at. The playfield is souless. Actually was very disappointed in the pro version.
1 year ago
I have played this game alot as it's the only game at the shops near me it looks cheap plays cheap I don't know why this is in the top 100
1 year ago
Man, I really wanted to like this machine. Love the music, love the theme, love the light show, did I say that I loved the music? The problem is that the Pro is brutal, so much so that it is little fun. The slings were not adjustable and throw the ball into the number of standup targets which then throw the ball into the outlanes which stay hungry. The bell goes SDTM 50% of the time. No nudging here, fastest game ever, but not in a good way. Rules are setup to score a lot of points, but you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything. Everything is awesome on this game.........except for the actual gameplay.

Edit: little more time on one and fun factor has increased and rules keep me coming back.
1 year ago
Just can't get into this game. Love the songs but not the game.
1 year ago
Ac Dc pro is a good game great rules really fast good shots great music but the angus young face is horrible looking you will get nightmares from it this is why I like the premium/le more
1 year ago
Great game. The Pro is super fast because of the stand up targets on all sides. I added the Aurich art package to replace Angus face and man, what a difference. Great game to mod; music is sensational; great DMD animations, etc. etc. A winner all the way around.
1 year ago
Great game with nice flow, terrific music keep this game at the top of Stern's best pinball machines
1 year ago
I could not help feeling this was a cheep version of a pinball machine. Just too light, no drop-down targets, photos on the play filed and not art. I hope to find a AC/DC premium or LE to play and experience the difference.
1 year ago
Super fast, challenging machine. The combo scoring and jackpot scoring are great. I like that the songs relate the game play which is different than Metallica. With a bell mod this game becomes even better. I don't miss the lower playfield, but I do prefer the drop targets of the Premium vs. stand-ups in the Pro. Overall, very fun and addictive - this game rocks!!
2 years ago
Great game terrible artwork
There are 146 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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