AC/DC (Pro) (Stern, 2012)

AC/DC (Pro)

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Game design: 7.823

Artwork: 7.137

Sounds/Music: 8.576

Other Aspects: 7.912

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There are 158 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
Changed my mind about's still an ugly game for sure...but it's a very fun shooter!
It can be mean, but when you dialed in your shoots and get a feel for the is rewarding!
29 days ago
Not a huge fan of the music, but game plays excellently. Great code and great wizard mode. Not a huge fan of the art either, but it’s definitely a solid game.
56 days ago
Not a fan of the band, but it's a pretty good game. A little disappointed with the giant face mid playfield, kinda ruins the artwork (if whatsyourface ever happens to read this, I'm not commenting on your looks or likeness, just the design choice of focusing all the artwork on the face unrelated to game play, rather than laying down artwork that makes sense with the game flow).
63 days ago
Yawn. I could write a program to design a Stern music group game, and it wouldn't have that many lines of code.

With my indifference to AC/DC aside, the game gets a few extra points for having good stacked mode scoring and a few clever backhanded shots. But it's more of the same, right down to the recent edition where Stern decided going backwards to sexist babes spilling out of bathing suits was the right look for the game (apparently fat Austrlalian seputagenarians in school boy clothes isn't a good marketing image for a game, however apt and accurate it is for the game.)

Stern formula:

(1) license a band prominent in the 70's, or the 80's if you're really modern, or a super hero move
(2) clone the fan-out playfield
(3) put a cheap toy in the middle (in *two different locations* I've seen this game, somebody has put in for their high score name "FIX THE BELL")
(4) add seemingly layered rules that come down to basically bash the hell out of the toy until you get to multiball, which lasts forever with add-a-ball

Family Guy (and its clone, Shrek), Ripley's, Simpsons, and to some extent Star Trek '13 are the main exceptions; even Ripley's (Lawlor) and ST (Ritchie) are throwback designs similar to their designers' milestone pins from the 80's and 90's.
68 days ago
Love AC/DC and really enjoy this game, but it always seems underwhelming lit.
78 days ago
Great theme and great songs, but i don't like the code.
I don't find this game deep. I had mine 3 months and played it dayly but it doesn't stay after the honeymoon phase. The Pro is fast but there's too much cheap drains.
After owning ST, GOT, SM and Acdc i can say I really don't like Stern/ Ritchie games...
3 months ago
AC/DC is a fun game with some great music, but, of course, you have to like the band. This game has some pretty easy shots, especially because most of them can be back-handed, but the game can punish you if you miss. In all, it's a bit of a player's pin that I play on location when I see it. As with most music pins, I wouldn't own it, but I play it.


-- The game has great ramps that can be back-handed, which adds fun strategy
-- The TNT targets are actually great, in that they can kill you faster than Trump's red button
-- The canon is okay, but it blocks the right outlane and is only used to blast standups...
-- The bell is, again, okay, but it's really just a centre bash
-- The jukebox at the back of the playfield is super cool
-- The left loop is fast and can be repeatedly circled for good adrenaline!
-- Coolest looking spinner in pinball!!
-- The right loop ending in a scoop is good for an alternative shot, but it takes away from flow
-- In all, I would argue that this game fits nicely into the "safe/redundant" Stern design era


-- I find AC/DC to be lit about average: nothing to notice, but nothing to complain about
-- The theme is okay.. It's a band of old guys, with photoshopped pictures of old guys on the playfield
-- The music is great if you love the band, but I wouldn't want to listen to any band every time I play a pin


-- The songs are good modes, and shots are, for the most part, clear
-- The playfield multiplier via the bell is a great rule
-- This game really rewards for stacked MB and multipliers, and it's pretty easy to learn how
-- Ramps are relatively easy, yet fun. Mistakes are punishing, which is great


-- No innovation, as per usual with Stern
-- No significant toys aside from a swinging bell and a T2 (1991) cannon that blocks ball view
-- Right loop scoop breaks flow combos - disappoints more than I thought it would
-- Modes attached to songs causes players to hear the same songs over and over

In the end, AC/DC is a pretty fun game that I play on location, but I would never buy this pin. I feel it would get old very quick, and the good ol' rock they are known for would become annoying.
6 months ago
I love ac dc premium but I hate the pro because the Angus face gives me nightmares and I miss the lower playfield. But, it still got the same good layout and rules.
7 months ago
I did not know much about this game till the last year or so. Now I own one and it is a great game. Very deep rule set and scoring big is a challenge. I am not a big fan of the band, but the song choices are all good ones. This may be the top music themed pin with Metallica right there with it.
7 months ago
VAULT edition review.... i love Ac/Dc the band and was one of those that always preferred the faster playing Pro. I was just never a big fan of the premium ‘s lower playfield because the objectives seemed like a lame bagatelle. I do like the crossover ramp and the drops on the premium’s but just could not see paying 1000-1500 more for that. Sadly, I could not bring myself to buy the old Pro due to the horrible Angus constipation face in the middle of the play-field. I know this is from the Highway to Hell album cover but just looks really out of place and used as an afterthought to cover for lack of lower playfield... just super ugly and way too big. My pinball prayers were answered by Stern with the vault edition! I LOVE the new artwork on this, the revamped bell and it is the last of SAM machines. I bought it immediately and could not be happier! This is thing just plays lightning fast and the code is wonderful.... never getting rid of it...
8 months ago
Not my favorite pin, is the premium with the basement adds fun ?
8 months ago
Awesome to play pinball and likened to your favourite tunes at the same time. Music selection at start of game affects what is needed to be achieved for the rules. The rule set is great and you can select different song as you progress and complete the tasks. The biggest downfall is Angus' big boof head in the middle of the playfield. The re issue unit has better artwork of the band instead. The Premium has a lower playfield I. The shape of Angus head and devil horn. I find I don't play this game onsite anymore if other machines are there. The longevity of the game does not seem to be there for me. The premium has a much better and will play all day long.
8 months ago
AC/DC Pro Vault Edition review
8 months ago
The one thing I didn't like about this pin is the little wire right after the skill shot that redirects the ball almost certainly to the hole between the 2 flippers. Don't know if it's there on every machine but it was there on the one I played... Otherwise, it's ok but I prefer the premium version.
9 months ago
This game when I first played it I wanted to buy it and almost did. That quickly changed when I played it at a location where it was so noisy that the bell was the only thing I could hear clearly. AC/DC has a few cool items the cannon and bell thats where it drops off. The music and songs get you going and in the mood to play quickly but when you can't hear it, the game is not as interesting after a while.
9 months ago
Best music theme out there.
9 months ago
I really want a Pro Vault after playing one at a friends house. The small additions and lighting improvements are just what the pro needed. I own a couple of Stern's other music pins, but I have to admit that the AC/DC songs on this pin are just more appealing to me. This will be my next purchase. Great game!
11 months ago
Come on it is AC/DC ! Great theme with superb artwork as they cleverly avoided to make everything looks cartoonish (Metallica anyone ?). Best played obviously with LOUD sound.
1 year ago
Nice game
1 year ago
A great theme for an average game. Music and sounds are great. Art is a mixed bag. The cannon is fun, but the rest is just alright.
1 year ago
SUCH an underrated game. Put a Helen decal over Angus and fire away! I had the premium as well. Sold it and kept the Pro.
1 year ago
See my ACDC Prem comments. I played the prem in an arcade several times, loved it, then found and bought one. Then I played a Pro at a show the following week and what a big difference in the two models. The pro seems like a cheap imitation in quality of targets, gimmicks and general looks. The prem seems like a much better machine, even though it is basically the same. The prem has the added playfield that is "kind of" a reward for good play in most modes. The pro lacks that drive to obtain that. The average ratings between the Prem and Pro show that others feel there is a big difference also. Even with that being said, the pro is still a good game. Go for the prem if you can ... it's worth it.
1 year ago
Very fast and fun machine. Rules are tough to figure out. Overal if you like acdc and donot want to spend an extra 2 grand for a lower playfield then the pro works just fine.
1 year ago
Love the music. It's got good flow but I'm not as interested in the field. Very easy to play. I think many people will just enjoy it as I did.
1 year ago
Some shots are very fun. Good Flow, and fast. Ambivalent about the theme, but don't care for the art package or the ruleset. Metallica is really the cream of the crop of Stern's Music pins.
There are 158 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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