AC/DC (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2012)

AC/DC (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.624

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Other Aspects: 8.668

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18 days ago
Fist game I ever played in a tourney and the first time I saw a lower play field. Blew my mind initially.
37 days ago
Quickly becoming my favorite game. I prefer the premium but the pro is faster and harder imo. Best lighting and use of color changing leds I've seen.
Such a deep game. I like how you have to make shots to progress. No timed out modes here. Lots of risk/reward shots and lots of different ways/strategies to use while playing.
When I eventually get a premium, it's never going to leave the collection. Love it!
Cabinet is big disappointment and wish the lower playfield was used more/better.
56 days ago
Great game with lots to do. I can't stand the pro version but premium is a top 10 game.
69 days ago
A game truly built for fans. Even people who aren't can enjoy the variable gameplay and fun toys. Shooting the cannon, banging the bell all provide fun feedback. The sunken mini-playfield really adds to the game. I won't even bother playing the Pro version since it lacks it.
72 days ago
This is an all-time favorite that I hope to own someday. A game where each song has it's own rules, if you like AC/DC music and pinball this is a must-have. The cannon feature is awesome. The sunken playfield is awesome. The shaker hits at just the right times. Fantastic.
3 months ago
What a wonderful machine. I love the toys especially the bell. The lower playfield is a nice touch.
3 months ago
Lots of toys, good sounds. Good layout. Theme just doesn't do it for me
3 months ago
What can you say about Stern's AC/DC that hasn't been said already? Steve Richie / Lyman Sheats (and others) created an amazingly fun game to play and a home-run for Stern. The fan layout is familiar to all for a playfield however they made it fun and satisfying to shoot for all levels of play. It really goes to show you what a great rule set does for the longevity of a game also.

Lots of eye candy on the play-field including an interactive cannon, Hells-bell and lower mini play-field (Underworld). Richie loves flow and there's plenty of it along with Lyman's extremely deep rule set makes for creative strategy. Even for seasoned players the rule set isn't the easiest to learn by but virtue of playing they eventually sink in.

The dot matrix animations are well done and a joy to watch. The art is a little clunky on the play-field and for some reason the band looks sort of faded. The pro models sport a huge image of Angus in place of the mini play-field which is unsettling however some pinheads have stuck "Luci" decal there. The better art packages are in the premium and LE models. Going beyond a premium and you'll start to pay a pretty penny for it as they are super limited in number.

After owning this game for a few years now I can say this is one of Sterns best pins. The crowd cheering after a successful hit just makes you feel like a million bucks after playing.


4 months ago
This is my #5 Pick. I like playing this on the table and in the Stern Pinball Arcade. Much better on the table in R/L. I blew $6 on it this weekend alone.
4 months ago
I didn't like this game at all when I first played it a pin show. Then I played it again and it started to grow on me. I finally bought one a few months ago and didn't want to rate it until the honeymoon phase was over. I love this game. Its my favorite right now. Just wicked fun to play and the rules are pretty cool.
5 months ago
I found this game to be just boring, as much as i am an acdc fan...will not be able to bring this one in as much as the music wants me to.
5 months ago
Can't get enough of Luci! What a sexy machine, of my 7 pins guests probably play this one the most. It's fast, light show is amazing, toys are fun. Stern nailed it with this one, you can tell they really put some passion into it. Impossible to be let down by this pin.
5 months ago
Great game. Best stern for me.
Rules are deep , really fun game.
6 months ago
Own the Luci version. Beautiful artwork and of course, awesome soundtrack. Couple issues. Cannon is in a bad spot. Can't see the ball going into lane. Misfires often, and can be a drain monster. Rule set is good, and it is fun. Would recommend, but can get really frustrating often.
6 months ago
Holy hell this is a great game. Each song has different objective, and its own set of rules, and the lighting in this is just amazing. Great flow, and a secondary playfield to boot. These music pins are great, and AC/DC is one of the best. Highly recommended.
8 months ago
The Luci Cabinet makes this game one of the best Stern to date. Game play is based on each music mode making it unique and not the same game to which you pick the music. Excellent overall play and with the Luci cabinet good looking.
10 months ago
Good game but over rated in my opinion.
10 months ago
Solid music based table, not quite to the Metallica level of goodness but still a solid shooter with a killer soundtrack.
10 months ago
I have this game for a long time, I never liked it very much. The animation of the band in the upper right corner is just ugly, and why this voice all the time... I will keep it but only because I like AC/DC so much...
11 months ago
I wouldn't buy and don't love this game because of the theme, which bores me, but it plays so well and is both predictable (in a good way) and forgiving (also in a good way) without being easy or floaty.
11 months ago
Overall this is a great pin. My poor pinball skills lend to quicker games but it is still a blast. I really like the diversity of shots and have a love hate for the tnt targets, they are so damn tempting.
My biggest complaint about the playfield is the lack of view of the right out lanes but you get used to it. The light show is fantastic. Definitely a fun game to have and everybody love to play it.
11 months ago
This is a great pin! You have to like AC/DC to really enjoy it. The rule set gives you a variety - a different set for each of the song selections that you choose at the start of the game. That gives it some "lastability" to figure out all of the rules and strategies. That would make this a great HUO pin. Others don't like the cannon or the lower playfield. I like them.

The mon-color DMD is bad and outdated. My ratings are based off of the "stock" premium as received from Stern. There are some much needed upgrade mods out there that would be a must for me to own one. That includes the color DMD and the cannon mod. Another good mod that I would have fun with is the MikeD LCD mod to replace the band automation. With those mods (and maybe a few others) my rating goes up to very close to a 10. I like the Helen mod upgrades too. So many good mods out there for this pin.

I will own one of these pins soon. I hope to have one within a year if I can find one in perfect shape for a decent price. If Stern made a ACDC Prem Vault NIB, I would order one tomorrow!

Edit: I got my own ACDC Premium now (on 10/8/16). A great pin that will keep my interest and attention for a long time.
12 months ago
AC/DC is an odd game. I don't want to like it. Not a big fan of the band. But every time I play it, I have fun. Stern did exactly what they needed to. They made a fun game. The layout is pretty generic fan. But the rules are very well done. Lots of variations for scoring. But sometimes it's fun to take down each song champ. The game stands the test of time.
1 year ago
The cannon really kills the machine. I love ac-dc rock band.
1 year ago
Nice game but not in my favorites..
it feels a bit repetitive to my tastes coz of the gameplay as it has been coded.
There are 433 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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