AC/DC (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2012)

AC/DC (Premium/LE)

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Other Aspects: 8.683

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7 days ago
This is the game that knocked "Tales of the Arabian Nights" out of my personal Top 10. "AC/DC: LE" is a fantastic game on nearly every single level. As with most of Stern's rock tables, I'm not a huge fan of AC/DC but I'd listen to their stuff probably before any of the other bands Stern has signed. The game is smooth as hell, giving you the option to listen to about a dozen of their best songs -- and each one gives the table its own unique "personality". For "Thunderstruck", there's thunder and lightning when you hit ramps and targets while "T.N.T." gives you explosions. The ramps are smooth and fairly easy to hit and each one is rewarding. The toys include a heavy requiem bell and a concert stage where the guys "play" during certain modes. The only downside to the game is the DMD which doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of animations and, while the music is there to compensate, the sounds are fairly generic. Overall, however, this machine is a blast to play and probably the best of Stern's rock tables.
25 days ago
This is a bright game, with an ability to draw you in. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan, but this game is themed well, and the music does not get annoying. My biggest complaint with this machine is that it is quite drain-heavy. I've tweaked the leveling of the game, and still struggle with draining shots. The lower playfield is an interesting addition, but the novelty wears off. The biggest plus is the lighting and sound. Added a few mods, which improved the look of the game, but it really didn't need it. I'd definitely recommend the alternate translites, unless you're a big fan of the band, in which case the stock one would work.
27 days ago
AC/DC is one of the best games Stern has ever made. Tons of fun!
32 days ago
Fun game. Lower play field is awesome. Art isn’t the best. Great game for sure.
45 days ago
Fun,Fast and deep, my favorite machine.
46 days ago
WOW, i have the Lucy Vault and is a real beauty. Very fun and very deep game, a keeper for me. One of the best light show. A real pleasure to play, for all the family and friends, good player or not. AWSOME
80 days ago
No good if you hate the music, but otherwise fantastic. 12 full length songs each with their own lighting and scoring give this game endless variety and freshness. it's loud, fast and sometimes brutal, but definitely has the 'just one more gane' factor. A modern classic.
4 months ago
The best game I have in my collection. My mom visited this past weekend and loved it out of all games I have. No wonder they will keep vault production coming. No brainer. I can’t stop playing it.
4 months ago
Love this game. Great game play and great play for a newbie or and advanced player.
4 months ago
I don’t know the rules and I can’t figure them out. This is ruining the game for me, which otherwise seems awesome! I love the music, the artwork and playfield are awesome, I like the shots, I just can’t get any points! I know this is an easy fix, I just need to take 10 min to read them, but as of now I find this game very frustrating and I can’t enjoy it. I call this the Getaway effect.
5 months ago
Awesome game. It doesn't get any better then a pinball machine integrated with ACDC music a Steve Richie layout and code by Lyman Sheats. This game is a masterpiece!
5 months ago
I have now been enjoying my Premium VE for several months and feel ready to rate it. A terrific game with awesome shots and deep innovative rule set. Each song presents a new challenge of how to play the game. It really adds to the overall experience of the game. Great lighting and music add to the experience. Love it! An all-time great - period, end of discussion...
5 months ago
Playing this fast and fun playfield to this soundtrack of AC/DC songs kicks @s$. Ramps, cannon, and bell are satisfying shots. Mini "hell" playfield under the main playfield is great. A little heavy on multiballs, but I'll take that kind of complaint all day over others.
5 months ago
I'm on the fence between this and metallic a.... I keep going back and forth as I own both and love pinball with this music.
There is actually more to the modes as some people think and u can incorporate so.e serious strategies. Sub is a must.
Looks great also.
6 months ago
I was after this game for ages, and when I finally got one I was really excited to get it home and set up to play. unfortunately it then left my collection in just a few short months, as despite its awesome sound and light show, despite the great deep rules, the clangy bell, the lower Hell playfield, and the exciting risk/reward juggling act when you decide to go for a song jackpot or wait to get it higher and multiplied ..... despite all this, the game just wasn't FUN enough.

I like games with humour, with tongue in cheek, with jokes and funny faces and all that stuff, ACDC is just too damn serious for me. and for that reason, i'm out.
6 months ago
The first 5 games I could not figure this machine out, mainly the cannon. The next 5 games I still had only had 2 extra balls and 4 games total with any multi-balls. This game is tough in a great way!

This machine is a real piece of art, just beautiful and detailed to look at, and play.

The callouts are brutal or nice, depends on how you do. The music is awesome, the lights and everything is just awesome.
7 months ago
One of the better rock themed pins.
7 months ago
one of my most favorite games, great layout and plays very smooth
8 months ago
Played this at Replay FL it was a blast
8 months ago
Fantastic game! The song selections are superb! Super high quality and I would wager a lot of r&d, time and money went into making these. My Luci has a very expensive feel to it. Cabinet and backglass art is... uh, quite hot. A perfect 10 in fact I'll say. I love the pf. A lot going on. Band call outs each time downing the 3 TNT targets - Oy! The train whislte blowin' wooo-woo! each left ramp hit! A ramp made triggering a cannon to fire! Wow, tons o' fun to be had here! Top bumpers really crack, loud like thunder. Game sounds and looks just dynamite. I really do like that lower pf, adds to it and in no way detracts. It's just one more thing to look forward to and lick your chops about trying to do (let's see how many times I can go 'round and round this time)! Excellent flow and although challenging for me such that I wish I could keep a ball in play longer that just lends to it being so much fun that I really hate it when it drains. It's ACDC, it's pinball, it's R'N R - it's rockin'! What's not to like?
It would truly take concrete shoes, neckties, cyanide, or high voltage to get this game outta me ol' mancave coin and laundry! #Keeper4ever
8 months ago
Love the game, cant really warrant the added money for the moving bell and crossover ramp. No biggy,.. Not a fan of under playfields.. The ModFather...
8 months ago
The under playfield is too gimmicky. The cannon toy is neat, as is the bell ringer. Definitely has a lot of toys to play with. Not super fun though and hard to trap the ball.
9 months ago
Fist game I ever played in a tourney and the first time I saw a lower play field. Blew my mind initially.
10 months ago
After putting some time on mine I can rate better. Fantastic game with great lighting and code. It is insanely fast and kicks my butt more often than not. It just got really old really quick.
11 months ago
Great game with lots to do. I can't stand the pro version but premium is a top 10 game.
There are 453 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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