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“Game is great, very fun for me and my family. The MJF face is weird but once you get over that it's a great pin IMO. Music is cool and crisp for its time, light show is awesome when you get into Multi ball or clock tower holes.”

  • The-koontz currently owns this game.
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  • “This game can be frustrating at times...AC\DC = SDTM. Lighting is great as well as the sound. Animations are super cool. I like the red powdercoat. Choosing your song is a great idea as the rules change per song. That simple fact should make this game last in a collection. I'm working on fixing that SDTM issue.”

  • kcZ currently owns this game.

  • “Fun pin that is totally unique....what other pin has an enormous pool ball in the middle of the playfield! Reminds me a little of Circus Voltaire.

    Right ramp shot is key to scoring but the targets tucked away in the back are also important. Would be right at home in a bar in Tennessee...”

    “Nice layout and the flag flipping is something I have never seen before...a welcome addition! Like the artwork, especially the backglass.”

    “The spinner shot can be big points, but it can pose as a huge risk also. Very unique for an EM to have something actually move. Layout leaves much to be desired but by far not the worst EM I have ever played.”

    “Played 5 different machines and just can't get into this game. Hoping for more from The Hobbit.”

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  • “I enjoyed the game on the old code. When 1.50 came out, WOW! It became a must have and I bought the game.

    The art, sounds, dots, rules, lighting, layout and toys make this a complete package. Bravo, Stern! For those of you avoiding this game due to the theme and music, you're missing out. When you get this game rocking, it is just an absolute blast! It's got plenty of unique modes that tie into the music and lighting seamlessly. This one is DEFINITELY a long term keeper. Watch it climb the Pinside Top 100!

    Per Stern Pinball, there's more to come. Are you serious?!? I can't wait!”

  • tktlwyr currently owns this game.
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  • “Almost nothing to shoot on this one. Wide open playfield. Nice artwork.”

    “Spinner can ruin alot of good shots. Challenging game that presents some fun for a few games. Lots of fun shots for an EM.”

    “Best poker game with aliens that you will find.”

    “If more people knew what Dr. Who was I think this pin would be much more appreciated. Really fun ruleset with picking your Dr before each ball. Takes a bit to figure out what to hit on the playfield but when the rules are learned this is a unique game.

    Also has a fun multiball...and the DALEKS! Maybe the most annoying villians of all time are out in full force.”

    “Had the chance to play not one but TWO restored examples of this game at TPF 2014 in the tournament area. Just a fantastic game when it's dialed in and cleared. Fast, fast, fast. The game does a great job of making sure you want to pick off the last drop target on every bank by having 3 banks and tying them to multipliers. Also, it makes sure you don't keep shooting the same spinner on the right side by having the rollovers by the flippers potentially light the opposite spinner for 10x value.”

    “I got the chance to sample this deck at Pinburgh (Thanks Trent Augenstein!) and this is my first impression after about a half dozen games.

    The Pros:
    A deceptively simple layout hides a number of shots that include a ramp that diverts in three directions and two of the best skill shots I have seen in a long time. I'd personally like to welcome back the whirlpool from the Creature from the Black Lagoon (nudging skills for extra rotations). Doughnut time reminds me of John Trudeau's Gottlieb/Premier days. The shots are well lit and the inserts guide the player very well to the goals of the modes. All the PF shots except for the 2 orbit/ramp shots keep the ball in the lower PF. It's not quite Creech, but it is fast and unforgiving. Considering the music pinball games coming out of Stern as of lately, the music choice on this table (the Beach Boys and The Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride" are absolutely perfect for this theme). This game sounds GREAT!

    The Cons:
    I don't like the center bank of deathshot drops and standups, but I also understand that this has to do with new player accessability and as well as risk/reward considerations. I can also see the pops wearing down on location making the upper 1/4th of the game a dead zone for gameplay.

    The Takeaway:
    This is a much better start than I thought this would be just looking at the pics on the website. I look forward to learning more about this game and will update this rating as I get more mileage on this table. Looking at the modes, I think this game is going to be more like Tron than AC/DC or MEtallica for deepness, but if the game is solid, that is all I'm looking for. To be Continued!!!”

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  • “Fun game and shooting baskets on the playfield is pure joy. Cab is somewhat boring considering the pins being released by Bally during the same period. Call outs are good and are the same voice from the NBA Jam games of the same era. Scoring is basketball scoring and not traditional pin which is a nice change. Overall, a great game with somewhat linear play and a rule set that is not all that deep. Right lane on middle of playfield can be sdtm drain monster.”

    “Took me a short while to get into this pin but after a while I really enjoy playing it. I just purchased one and love having it in my collection. Very cool toys and ramps. Double plunger is great. Difficult to find in great condition. Overall awesome pin.”

  • cgz46 currently owns this game.

  • “Without a doubt, the one pin that got me hooked on pinball back in my youth. Played it a ton then, and judging by all the machines I'm seeing in the wild for sale now, I wasn't the only one who played the heck out of it. This one will be in my collection some day. Beautiful and well executed theme and matching playfield. Sound is great too.”

    “Perhaps, the most gorgeous pin ever created. The cabinet is done so well, it almost looks 3D. The trunk is one of the coolest toys ever implemented on a pinball. Used to drive 30 minutes one way just to play this pin after college in the 90's. My grail pin.”

    “What can I say, the pin that all others try to measure themselves against. That's not to say it doesn't have flaws, but in terms of everything I look for in a pin, this one is darn near perfect. Fun, awesome sound, great playfield, cool toys, etc.”

    “Played about 10 games at tpf. Thought I wouldn't like it. But I really liked it! Will revisit after more plays and better understanding of the rules.”

    “IMHO best Mark Ritchie game. Great toys, great tie in with the movies. Lots of variety. I love the narrow escape gate.”

    “Very nice looking game with cool toys. Its rules are not too deep and completing all spider lights feels like work and not like fun. Overall it is a nice game.”

    “Great flow, not so great playfield artwork. Humorous speech and nice sounds, music and DMD animations (especially the extra ball animation). Reliable game (except for the factory strobe lamp). IMHO it is not better than MM. It shows the signs of build cost per unit reduction.”

    “Cyclone is a classic. I remember it in arcades everywhere when I was a kid. The backglass with Ronald and Nancy Reagan is probably one of the most famous in pinball. Great Python artwork. This game has a lot going on with ramps, however it just doesn't come to life with out multiball. If this game had multiball it would be rated much higher. All the ramps are just screaming for 3 or 4 ball multiball. It would really make this game come to life. However there is only 1 lone ball. And it gets old shooting the same shots over and over. It's always fun for some nostalgia though.”

    “Nice widebody game with great flow. Playfield artwork could be better, other artwork is ok for me. Its gameplay does not get old for me. It has a really cool atmosphere with spectacular sounds and music.”

    “I did not like the game at first, but as years passed by it grew on me. First(?) mode based game. The music, sounds and toys are top notch. No wonder that they made special collector edition of this game.”

    There are 17184 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 688.

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