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“Have about 60-70 plays on version 2.0. Impressed right out of the gate on the visuals alone. It can be dark at first, but I've gotten used to it. The rules are very challenging, and it seems like it would be daunting for a beginner. It helps to watch others play so you can pick up on some of the things you need to do on the LCD. I love the stacking of the multiple multiballs and munchkin modes (on the rare occasion I can get enough loops to get one started) and the various callouts of the witch.

What I don't love is "There's No Place Like Home". I've yet to do it, or see anybody else get it either, and that includes some good players who have already been to the "witch battle". It's incredibly difficult.

There are some mechanical quirks that need to be addressed, the worst of which is the ramp switch that catches a slow ball and can't be dislodged without tilting. A slow ramp shot (usually when attempting the ramp shot from the right flipper) is usually what does it. I've had it happen six times so far, and last night when I arrived onsite, there was already a ball stuck there. The other thing is the little loop to the right of the castle door. It seems to reject shots about 75% of the time. The shooter lane bump is also kind of annoying, but I often go for one of the other three skill shots available instead, so it's not that big of an issue for me.

These criticisms aside, I like the game the more I play it. I have been playing it on location, and it is sitting next to a Star Trek Pro. Since it arrived, I end up spending most of my time on WOZ and only a couple of games of ST.”

“Not a huge Simpson's fan, which may color my review. I thought the game was fun, with a lot of targets to shoot for and shots to make. You'd have to spend a lot of time with this game to really understand it. The call outs could have been a lot better, and so could've the toys. The Homer head is really cool, but the rest of the toys are just OK. The upper playfield is almost more annoying than challenging--almost takes the fun out of trying to load up the couch for multiball. One flipper shot up here woulda been plenty. Maybe the flippers on the machine I played just lacked power--not sure. I still can't get used to playing a Stern game, they just never feel right to me. Even any Data East game just feels better in your hands than a Stern--don't know why. If you are a big Simpson's fan, you are gonna want this game. If you are not, make sure you play one enough to see how you like it before you buy one.”

“Another unique pinball by Doctor Flash”

“Very unique .And collectable”

“Hard but has a lot going for it. Cool use of magnet”

“Great wide body.”

“Classic and collectable”

“It Brain Eddy so you no it is going to be fun. Lots of unique shots”

“Fun. And collectable”

“Better than the LE due to the fact that the ball lock feature is better and does not block the view of Sparky. Fun”

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  • “Great lighting, The hammer lock toy blocks my view my Sparky would go with the pro model for this reason. Fun machine with some great toys”

    “Fun .”

    “Great flow . One of the better system 11 machine. Would add to collection if I had the room. Fun”

    “XT Sector is a really trippy machine. The sound effects alone are one of a kind. Fun.”

    “Fun pinball. Good speed and flow. With some cool shots and features. Excellent lighting all LED . Good machine for the price .”

    “Layout and gameplay are exactly the same as Family Guy. It's a fun game, but hearing that smash mouth song is enough to make me not want to play it.”

    “This is a game I didn't really like at first, but the more I play it the more fun it becomes. At this point its a game I play every chance I get. Good ruleset that's relatively easy to pick up on & the game never ceases to be a fun play.”

    “Love the integration of the video screen into the play, and I love that I've never played a machine like it before. The only thing is its really hard to see and keep track of the ball due to the screen in the back. Maybe with more playing time I would get used to it, but at this point it really detracts from what is otherwise a really fun game.”

    “LE is the way to go on this one. Karl Urban Powerpack isn't available yet, maybe it will spice up this great design. :)

    Animations are an improvement over movie clips. Reminds me of B/W custom dmd days. Well done Stern.”

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  • “couldnt wait for my balls to drain :(”

    “Love the artwork and have enjoyed the few times I've played the game. Wish I had more game time on this. Will update the ratings when I get my machine operational.”

  • Jvspin currently owns this game.

  • “I wouldn't mind owning one, but not too fussed it is a good game with good ramp shots and fast........ it hold sentimental value as its one of the first pins I played as a kid.”

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  • Mato

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    “This game is all theme for me. I am a huge South Park fan and I actually like the fact it is based on the first two seasons. I like the sounds and music to the game. It is a fun game but can get a bit boring. I like the classic picture in the back glass and enjoy having this pin in my collection. Does not get played as much as my others but I really love South Park. If you are not a huge fan of the show, tis pin may be a bit disappointing.”

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  • “One of the few games ive played that seemed like a chore to finish my game”

    “Love this game, ranks with iron man as my favorite”

    There are 17321 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 693.

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