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“Getting used to it over time. First time I played it was in a Tournament...knowing NOTHING about it. Now that that traumatic experience is over, I have grown to like it and look forward to a few more "non-stressful" games on it!”

“I'm sure my rating (and my personal high score) would be MUCH higher if I would get the chance to play a better working model than the one located at The Tilted Kilt in Morgantown,WV...”

“Always thought of this being a "Harlem Globetrotters" wannabe...”

“Gimme one of these with a good spinner and I could play for hours!!”

“A lot of pin aficionados think very highly of this machine and I just blankly stare at them. But, then again, I just blankly stare at a lot of people (whether they are talking pinball or not)...”

“I have actually grown to like it. The initial turnoff, at least to me, was just looking up and seeing the fact that you feel you just played a great game of pinball and there are only "54 points" on the board!”

“This plays much better now than I remember it playing back in the day. But then again, a "quirky" machine like this is one that we frowned upon back in the late 70's-early 80's around these here parts...”

“Never liked it when it came out (played it at the Spaceport in Morgantown, WV), still don't like it since it showed up at Bradish Street Pinball in Pittsburgh...”

“I believe the ruleset is the only thing I don't like about this game. And I HATE the ruleset. Love”

“What a different pin! I needed an in-person tutorial on how to play it! Once you get it, though, it's fun. Wouldn't really want to own it, but it's fun to play if you can locate one...”

“Of any pin released in the last five to ten years, THIS and AC/DC are the two that I would love to own out of the box...”

“If your cannon fires accurately and you can put up Angus' face on the playfield, this is a GREAT game!”

“First experienced this machine at the 2014 Ohio Show...then Chris got it in at Bradish Street Pinball in Pittsburgh, PA. The bottom line? Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Lov...okay. You get the idea...”

“Artwork leaves something to be desired, but gameplay is fun. Have to crank up the spinning mechanism to really get it going.”

  • funtimewithdave currently owns this game.

  • “Love the theme, love the concept and love the game play. I know some people hate RFM for "not being real pinball" but it's as real as it gets. Plenty to do to keep me coming back for more, lots of humor in the call outs, and guests LOVE it. Worth learning the rules.”

  • dieseldogpi currently owns this game.

  • “They missed the boat by not having a "jump" on this game. Evel was putting his mug on literally everything at this time and this fits the theme of his marketing. Spinners are huge. Fun for a few plays.”

    “The game is really fun! I haven't played the updated 1.5 code, but really find the Pro version to be a lot of challenging fun. It is the next machine in my collection!”

  • PinJer has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Pretty wide open playfield. The "gears" drop targets are high risk / reward. There is no tilt warning noise on the version I played...saw many tilts on it because no one knew they were warned.

    Multiball was interresting on the fact that u can pass on it and try to get more balls, up to six, for the multiball. I found the multiball itself to be a tad boring.

    Game plays fast, nice flow.

    Not the worst stern, not the best. It is themed well but I don't think code will improve it. Deck is just not that interresting.”

    “I love pool-themed games and this is no exception! I cannot understand why this machine gets such a low rating, must be the ugly white backbox. But for me, this pin is simply fun. I love trying to beat each player by hitting the drop targets, the 8 or 9 ball and then the trick shot. Owned the game a month and still have not played Jeanette, but I will soon. I like the Mystery 8 ball, and the pops, which stay very active. The drain lane ball savers are so cool and I actually found myself trying to do it on a different machine (but it had none so I drained, lol). All in all, a keeper because of the fun factor.”

  • Dbaum88 currently owns this game.

  • “Very fun game with tremendous flow. The game is deceptively simple but the rules need more work, especially on the first level. The light show, sounds and custom dots are probably some of the best of the late model Sterns. The dots are a nice change from the digitized movie clips of the past. It's a little slower than the Pro model, but other than that, the gameplay is very close between the two. The bling on the cabinet of the LE adds to the visual appeal. Watch out for when the Vengeance shoots the ball back at you!”

  • tktlwyr currently owns this game.

  • “beautiful and fun pin , nice theme , would like to own it !”

  • MEROPARIS has this game on the wishlist.

  • “With the second mini pin on the top is pretty cool. The game is fun and surmised it's not higher on the list but that's just IMO. I like the call outs and fun stuff on the playfield, just a out right fun pin.”

    “It's a reason this game is at the top, it's just awesome! My personal 2nd favorite pin, love the theme and the characters that do their thing and to watch them all rock out is just plain cool!”

  • The-koontz has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Even know I don't own this pin, it's by far my personal favorite. So much cool stuff going on and just a blast to play. The different shots to make is just so much fun to me and my wife.”

  • The-koontz has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Nice pin with lots to do and cool ginger bread. Love to play it every chance I get!”

    There are 17184 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 688.

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