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“Picked one up cheap recently, and have become addicted. Very underrated pin, available at a cheap price. Loving it. Backglass is horrible, however. Wish the cabinet and backglass reflected the same art/theme as the playfield, which is pretty cool. Kind of a quirky game, but unique and fun enough that it will be staying.”

  • TheDarkKnight68 currently owns this game.

  • “This is a game for expert players only. You need extensive playtime on this one to really appreciate what it has to offer. The object of the game is the big setup to get all 3 multi-balls going at the same time. Doing so will double (with two) and triple (with three) your jackpot values. This is extremely hard to do and you will have 20 bad games or so to every good one. But when you do have that one good game and get everything dialed in, Dracula has IMO the best multi-ball in pinball. The adrenaline rush you get when Dracula is screaming "Thirty Million" at you is unmatched. Some may say, there are not enough modes. But with this game I disagree. If it was a mode based game, I think focus too much would be taken away from the constant set up. This game is a one-of-a-kind gem, and Barry Oursler's best game.”

    “A cruel game, a random game, a maddening game. The rules are imbalanced, the layout is annoying. The game mocks with the nearly impossible to overtake "score to beat" displayed on the backglass. This game causes rage like no other.

    It's awesome.”

    “Great theme and art package for Stern. Added figures on the playfield look great. The addition of the Navi Ball is fun, but not implemented into the rules as well as TZ years before it. The captive ball lock is a neat idea, and works well. This game has one of the worse rule packages I have seen. After every ball you loose your progress towards the wizard mode. This makes Avatar really a one ball game. I enjoy challenging games, but this unfairly makes Avatar difficult in a frustrating way. The fact that this is unchangeable in the options too is unacceptable. The playfield design is not all that great either. Add all these things up and you have a below average machine based on a great movie.”

    “If I expanded my "Wish List" to more than three machines, this would be on it. Discovered it at the 2014 Ohio Show and would like to get some more time in on it. But then again, I like Raven...”

    “I just don't understand it (the game itself OR it's popularity)...”

    “Not a fan of Oursler games. So you can already tell where this review will be going. Who Dunnit is a stinker. For me, its down at the bottom of the WPC pile with Popeye and Fish Tales. Game feels clunky and unorganized. The whole casino idea seems to be an afterthought added to give the game more punch, even though it does not neatly fit in with the hard boiled detective theme. Catching the murderer gimmick gets old quick once you have been through the scenarios once or twice. Callouts are lame, and I never, ever want to hear the Peter Gunn theme again in my entire life after a half hour on Who Dunnit.

    One area this game really shines is in the dots. Great animations. Captures the excitement of the chase and over noir feel that is lacking in the rest of the game.

    Unique kick at the can, but the kick was a total MISS.”

    “Good game Ferris wheels are a neat toy but slow the game down.Would be a cool game to get in a collection.”


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    “Fun game but easy to work through...ramp, chair, mode, repeat. Typical Pat Lawlor design elements.”

  • tktlwyr has owned this game in the past.

  • “Faster than its bigger brothers and a light show a little less spectacular than the same, it's still a solid game all the way around. Also, like the its big brothers, it needs a little more work in the code department. AWESOME flow!

    My only gripe is the translite art. It could have been SO much better!”

  • tktlwyr has owned this game in the past.
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  • “The reason I gave Royal Flush a "6" on "Lastability" is because when you first play it and get a score of something like 1,348 you want to keep on playing it and playing it in order to better yourself! A very deceptive looking game that leaves you asking, "How can a game this simple looking be so hard!"”

    “Actually did not even flip at the first ball in play of the first game I ever played on here! Why? I was laughing so hard at what Bullwinkle said! Great game, especially for a family environment...”

    “Getting used to it over time. First time I played it was in a Tournament...knowing NOTHING about it. Now that that traumatic experience is over, I have grown to like it and look forward to a few more "non-stressful" games on it!”

    “I'm sure my rating (and my personal high score) would be MUCH higher if I would get the chance to play a better working model than the one located at The Tilted Kilt in Morgantown,WV...”

    “Always thought of this being a "Harlem Globetrotters" wannabe...”

    “Gimme one of these with a good spinner and I could play for hours!!”

    “A lot of pin aficionados think very highly of this machine and I just blankly stare at them. But, then again, I just blankly stare at a lot of people (whether they are talking pinball or not)...”

    “I have actually grown to like it. The initial turnoff, at least to me, was just looking up and seeing the fact that you feel you just played a great game of pinball and there are only "54 points" on the board!”

    “This plays much better now than I remember it playing back in the day. But then again, a "quirky" machine like this is one that we frowned upon back in the late 70's-early 80's around these here parts...”

    “Never liked it when it came out (played it at the Spaceport in Morgantown, WV), still don't like it since it showed up at Bradish Street Pinball in Pittsburgh...”

    “I believe the ruleset is the only thing I don't like about this game. And I HATE the ruleset. Love”

    “What a different pin! I needed an in-person tutorial on how to play it! Once you get it, though, it's fun. Wouldn't really want to own it, but it's fun to play if you can locate one...”

    “Of any pin released in the last five to ten years, THIS and AC/DC are the two that I would love to own out of the box...”

    “If your cannon fires accurately and you can put up Angus' face on the playfield, this is a GREAT game!”

    “First experienced this machine at the 2014 Ohio Show...then Chris got it in at Bradish Street Pinball in Pittsburgh, PA. The bottom line? Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Love it! Want it! Lov...okay. You get the idea...”

    There are 17170 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 687.

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