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“What can be said that has not already? Theme is great, execution is amazing. Sounds and music really dazzle. One of the best multiball intros in all of pinball. Also, the most satisfying solenoid "THUNK" in all of pinball when a ball is locked via Thing into the swamp. I love that incidental music from the old Addams TV show is used as incidental music in the game...a really nice nod to the Addams roots by Lawlor/Granner. I own the game and it sits next to a Funhouse, and the games are pretty much a backwards mirror image of each other. TAF obviously has more bells and whistles. As history shows, Lawlor tended to stick with a layout that worked, and then beat it to death. Good thing both themes are unique enough to carry them both on their own. TAF holds a special place in my childhood arcade memories, and its a true keeper in my collection even if others poo-pooh it as "overrated".”

  • spiroagnew currently owns this game.

  • “Finally got it off my wishlist! This is just an all around fun game and never gets old.Lots of good shots and toys.You can add a ton of mods to really deck this game out.It will keep you happy for a long time in my opinion.”

  • Pinhead-Dave currently owns this game.

  • “Excellent layout. The Dot Matrix animation is substandard . But the overall game play and fun factor make up for that. Great pinball machine . Own SM and ST:TNG and STAR TERK LE is unique enough to go along beside the above mentioned . Highly recommend buying or seeking STREN's STAR TREK LE to play. Years of fun with this title.”

  • RobKnapp currently owns this game.

  • “I didn't love Mustang. Too much of the central real estate is taken up with the upper lanes, pops and the GEARS drop targets. Nothing much interesting happens on the right upper side of the machine. The ramp on the upper left is OK, but not enough to keep my attention. I don't care for the theme. The car in the middle is lame.”

    “When I first saw this machine I flashed back to this movie I saw once...

    Anyway, now on to the game itself! I love the advancing targets and the upper right corner loop and of course I love anything with ONE spinner, so how much more do I love a machine with TWO! Get it cleaned and fixed up right and go to town!!”

    “I initially was drawn to play this machine due to the Beatles insinuation on the backglass. Sure I knew it was cheesy, at best, but yet I wanted to pay homage to The Fab Four in the closest thing there is to representing them in the pinball world. What happened? I actually liked the game itself. The color scheme is awful, the renderings of the supposed John, Paul, George and Ringo are horrid, but the game play I actually liked. And keep in mind: The REAL Beatles hadn't looked like they were depicted on the backglass for at LEAST two years!!!”

    “I have been playing this game for five months now, so I think I can give it an honest review, I took a chance on this game never playing it on location, but the playfield looked so cool I had to jump on one, and im not disappointed ,the colours are fantastic and its a fun looking game, banter between red and ted are great, I think the rules are very unique to say the least especially the buying and selling of souvenirs and having the rite ones to match the cities you have visited, who would ever think of that?? Pat Lawlor tells a great story in roadshow and its easy to understand, the playfield looks complex because theres so much going on but its very easy to follow when you have played it a few times, the modes are great and theres lots of them, it really is a great game if you love modes like I do, because there a couple of modes there that involve 2 ball multiball and the machines shaker is just going crazy, A few people don't like the music and say the country theme and linear rules lets the game down, but I disagree im far from a country music fan but it doesn't bother me at all, I think it makes the game special,it definatly gets people looking inside the table asking "wow, I wonder whats going to happen when this starts?" to me this game reminds me of Mario bros on Nintendo when I was a kid, you have to get better at the first few levels to get to the next few, that's just life, if you don't practice an spend time on it your not going to progress through the game, your always going to be stuck around the same first few levels.. aswell I think the dots are some of the best ive seen, this game definatly has the fun factor for me and I really like playing it, its not a stress to play, just old fashioned pinball!!!!!!”

  • whisper currently owns this game.

  • “Was a huge fan of the X files TV show and so wanted this machine to be good, unforunately its not.

    They could've done so much with this, i mean the show had so much that they could've incorparted into it.
    The sound in this machine is some of the worst i've heard in a pin.....sounds distorted/muffled poorly done.
    Artwork is horrid and has no sharpness to it...boring and poorly executed.
    PF in general looks cheap and cheesy.

    Not a fan of the curved backbox, really dont like em.. ugly whe next to traditional pin styled ones.

    Toys in this pin are average, Alien in tube is neat, filing cabinet is troublesome and hard to trace.

    Gameplay is limtied and becomes old and boring fast.

    Just another SEGA pin suffering from cost cutting, a wasted license, sega had so many good ones...a real shame.”

    “Awesome, played it for quite a spell, fun machine with greats sounds lights etc, Best Star Wars pin period.

    *Machine i played had the updated chip (Ball save , score improvements etc)”

    “I really like this game. It's a Popadiuk that can be had for a shade under a grand.

    The shots are fantastic, the ramp kick butt, and the whole theme just plain works. This feels like a perfect marriage of current technology with a fun theme. I love the way the multiball racks up with the magnet on the left side, I love scores goals on the goalie with the assist shot, totally dig the idea of progressing from the 1st game all the way to the World Cup, and the sound package is hilarious. It's just fun, and watching someone else play it on video doesn't do the game justice.

    The downsides: pretty "meh" artwork. The playfield is kind of boring to look at compared to a CV or TOTAN. Good luck finding one that doesn't have cab fade. The ball save feature could have been implemented better IMO.

    Other than that, great game! I'd buy one for the right price.”

    “Some people love WWF. They think it's a diamond buried under a bad theme. That may be true for some, but I just didn't like it. Here's why:

    1. I'll start with the theme. I don't like WWF, but I especially struggle with buying a game covered in half-naked dudes. Sorry, but having to stare at Macho Man in a pink spandex top just doesn't help me rate this game well.
    2. I didn't care for the layout of the shots. The center ramp is way too close to the flippers in my opinion, and both it and the left ramp drain right away if you don't make it all the way up the thing. While the mini PF was super cool in it's time, it feels ultra gimmicky to me, and doesn't feel like it truly serves a purpose to the scoring.
    3. The call-outs get pretty annoying. Macho Man yelling "yeah" over and over again...
    4. It's a DE. I don't mind some DE (like Star Wars), but I thought the game just felt cheap. It's nowhere near the build quality as a Williams/Bally IMO.
    5. Lighting was nowhere near as good as a solid Williams/Bally from that era (or even the era preceding DMD).

    There are some cool innovations with the game like the "Tap" button which requires you to take your hand off of a flipper and hit tap as many times as possible to score bonus points, or the fact that you get penalized for cradling the ball when certain shots are required (that is seriously cool), but I can't see myself ever buying this one. If you dig late 80s WWF, it may be awesome for you. But if you don't like wrestling, and are looking for that diamond under a poor theme, I'd look elsewhere.”

    “I miss my Big Hit. Without question it's my favorite baseball-themed pin! The game is pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get, and it's a ton of fun! It's nice that you can track runs and your pinball score - it's almost like having two games in one because you can change your strategy based on which score you're using!

    Great game!”

  • AtlanticPinball has owned this game in the past.

  • “I got to play a C37 before and after servicing it for a customer. C37 is a fun game, and I love the artwork! It seemed like an easy game to rollover though - so as much as I liked playing it, I wonder how long it would be before I got bored with it...but then again, the game wasn't set up the way I would have set it up, so maybe it would be more challenging with 3-inch levelers jacking up the back a little bit?”

    “I owned a Top Score for a while. It is a nice game with those nice Gottlieb chimes!

    The skill shot is neat - hit the Red rollover target and then shoot the lit stand-up target before hitting a target that runs the score motor. It's a fun shot when you can get it!

    There are two items which bug me about the game: the bonus ball unit and the pop bumpers.

    The bonus ball unit can be a real P.I.T.A. to maintain. While the single bonus switch in 300/Top Score is an improvement over the make/break switch in Super Soccer/Soccer, you need to make sure there is the right amount of gap and spring tension on the switch. My shop was not very well temperature controlled, and in the varying temperatures in New England, adjustments were common.

    Also, I did not like the placement of the pop bumpers in relation to their wiring. Top Score has both pop bumpers next to each other, but running via the same pop bumper relay. After I rebuilt the pop bumper assemblies and got a nice solid hit out of each of them, there were times when the ball would get kicked off of one pop bumper, and hit the second one before it had recovered (both pops fire in unison). I considered rewiring the units, but ended up selling the game before I got into it.

    Otherwise, Top Score is a fun bonus Hunter. Simple rules make it an easy game for anyone to play. You'll need either a ricochet shot or luck to get the ball in the Collect Bonus hole. It's fun to play, but I prefer it's slightly older (and somewhat more temperamental) cousin Soccer...”

  • AtlanticPinball has owned this game in the past.

  • “Snoozeville. Looks awesome but its boring. I recommend playing it atleast once, I owned one for a few months and couldnt wait to sell it. Some people really seem to like this machine I couldnt get in to it.”

  • newtoit has owned this game in the past.

  • “Epic machine from the best year for bally and possibly pinball itself. I own it and love it. Great voice call outs, ok "music" / sounds. Awesome cabinet art and the playfield art is sweet mcskeet. Backglass is pretty cool looking. The game is loaded with features. The 7 rear targets are mesmerizing, they roll like a wave its quite a sight your first time seeing it. And what other machine has mini zipper flippers, I dont think any. How cool are the zipper flippers, I mean really? Those two things in itself would be enough to earn this machine respect, but they didnt stop there. The lightbar in the rear, 4 pop bumpers 4 more drop targets 4 flippers, lights underneath the flippers. Alright i get it. Badass machine to own or play. I love it.”

  • newtoit currently owns this game.
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  • “will prob be my next pin”

    “cant wait to get one, plays great, and just happens to be my favorite band!”

    “love this game!”

    “didnt really care for it, but it sure does look nice”

    “really like this game, fantastic artwork and backglass, tons of things to shoot for, ramps, ramps, and more ramps! only complaint that i have is the music is a bit repetitive, but its good, so i guess its a wash.”

  • darkfaith currently owns this game.

  • “After putting a few games on this table, it is definitely a fun game. For those that are familiar to Corvette, the collecting of cars is similar, but the gameplay is very different. Love the GEARS drop targets in the middle of the playfield. Has two different multiball modes: 2-ball GEARS Multiball and 4-ball Mustang Multiball. Both are great.”

    “A very fun game... probably my 2nd or 3rd most favorite. Great toys that interact with the game, including the castle and the drawbridge. The only complaint is the busyness of the playfield, but at the same time, it ties directly into the rest of the machine perfectly. I would love to have one of these in my game room.”

    “Fun EM game with a good, basic gameplay. Would be very cool if modded to play actual Elton John songs, but it is what it is. Always worth popping in a quarter to play, but wouldn't have one in my collection.”

    “Played this game once and had no desire to ever come back to it. Cheap feeling mechanisms, funky playfield layout, and just a bad feeling pin overall.”

    There are 17176 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 688.

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