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There are 17351 ratings (that include a comment).
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“One of the absolute worst pinball games mass-manufactured in the last decade. This game is an utter disaster. There is a single ramp and that is it. The buck coming across the play field at a diagonal is a neat idea in theory, but it completely breaks up any possible flow and seems more in the way than part of the game. Everything else is just hitting a series of switches, boring as heck. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider wasting the space if I had an opportunity to get this game for free.”

“Good EM hard to find”

“Hard to find Fun EM”

“Great EM drop targets make the game”

“Good for EM”

“Fun and collectible”

“Ultimate 13 ball muliball cool”

“Very popular to collect”

“Great ramps fun pin”


“Good playfield lay out Fun”


“Beautiful pinball fun play”

“Fast and unique”

“Fun very good clear coat”

“Great pin for its era first pin to have toy would own”


“Blast to play unique owned one in past”

  • RobKnapp has owned this game in the past.

  • “Good for its era”

    “Good fun great back box”


    “Great for its era”

    “Fun and like theme”

    “Ok fun but not my cup of tea”

    “Good for its era”

    There are 17351 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 695.

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