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“Very fun and pretty deep game. Not easy to score by any means, lots of variation, doesn't get old. A bit like TZ, and underrated.”

  • Rlerman currently owns this game.

  • “Very difficult, but extremely fun game. The kind of game that makes you want to push start just one more time. Pretty simple rules and not terribly deep, but stacking the 3 MBs is no easy task.”

  • Rlerman currently owns this game.

  • “TNT”

    “Amazing, love the various multi-ball features, ITS ALIVE !!!”

    “I have to say I was not expecting to like this pin as much I am. It's not the deepest pin but really reminds me of Iron Man, the only issue like with IM is that it might not last that long in my collection but for now it's a great pin and way more fun in a home setting with leds in a dark room and loud volume.”

  • Hazoff currently owns this game.

  • “A fun game, but hard to give a true rating since it incorporates pinball and an arcade game. From a nostalgia factor it's a great addition to the game room, but game play is hard do to unrelenting ghosts and the pinball portion is pretty uninspired. With that said it looks cool and was a great concept, especially back in 1982. I wish this game had the arcade game truer to Pac-Man and the pinball side had a little more to offer. Slings that were active, instead of passive would have made a big improvement in my opinion.”

  • Toasterdog currently owns this game.

  • “Wouaaa it's wonderful and beautiful pinball. tried it it is adopted. This is the best beautiful pinball machine of all time. I love it. All the party are a real fight. Flow extraordinary, The sound is just perfect. This game is a JEWEL. FAST AND FURIOUS. Much better than AC/DC and other Stern.
    Shi... this game is realised what 799 copy. otherwise we will buy the pro or premium sniff”

  • Rocky-Apollo has this game on the wishlist.

  • ““One of the best pins ever made!Just MM is better”

    “I'm a big Turtles fan, so take this for what it is. The game isn't that amazing...but it's still TMNT! If you like the theme, the game is just fun. It plays the theme song to the show-that alone is enough for me to love this game. This one has many shortcomings, but if you're a Turtles fan, it's definitely worth a few plays.”

    “Overall fun game anytime!!”

  • Pinhead-Dave has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This is somewhat of an underated game.It has a very unique playfield layout.It has some nice ramp shots and the ladder ramp moving up and down on a timer is pretty cool.The fire moving in the center is cool too.Then add 3 multi-ball along with the way this thing pops with LEDS and it keeps me playing!”

  • Pinhead-Dave currently owns this game.

  • “coolest game ever”

  • plowpusher has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This is the second Sega in our officr with about 5 other top 50 pins (incl Medieval Madness) and this one is top played from the first day!

    -Pretty simple rules; kill bugs and nuke it!
    -I, and my colleagues, like the movie and hence the theme
    -Plenty of toys in this cabinet!!!
    -Original mini-flipper (with a lot of power!) and the bug-kill counter under the playfield
    -I like the music/sounds, but this is very personal
    -I also like the bright colors on the playfield; awesome!
    -It has excellent flow; did not expect it from this one

    -Absolutely flimsy quality of the playfield; I have seen about 10 and all of them have lifting of the insert decals. Bad run of playfields for sure! Bah.
    -Backboard is lighted with a simple single light. I like the translite, but thats it.
    -Well, the backboard cabinet shape is a bit odd. It's not too bad though
    -Only 1 horrible speaker. Needs an upgrade (Flipper Fidelity)
    -There are noisy relays (not solid state) for switching some flashers. This clicking sound is really annoying.

    All in, I am very, very pleased I got this, despite advise from many not to do so!”

  • Faust currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “While I would choose the Premium/LE if I had to choose, I think that the Pro is a very good game that feels different enough from the Premium that I almost see it as a completely separate game.

    The rules for this are the best in the business. There are so many strategies and stacking abilities that I have yet to tire of the game over two years of regular play.

    The feel of the shots is also top notch. It can be a brutal and unforgiving game, but the just-one-more-game feel is there in a way that it usually isn't on more long-playing games.”

    “This game probably has the best rule set of any 80's pin I have played.
    Art package is off the charts as well.
    I'm hooked on Barracora and you should be to.”

  • Arcade currently owns this game.

  • “Fun and fast, Doc Oc is very cool. Great game”

    “I bought one for 400 and brought it back to the present lol. its a great game with nice art except that mike j fox didnt want his appearence on the machine. LED the game is a must especially the flashers and wow you have a light show worthy of the 4th of july. all the sounds and music are great and really take me back to when i would watch this movie over and over as a kid. The coils in the flippers should be looked at as a 5020 is to much and you may break somthing, mine had 5030 and they are still to much, or maybe i am used to my bally dr dude. either way its a great fan fav and will make a good permnment spot in the collection.”

  • dementedwarlok currently owns this game.

  • “Black Belt is one of those rare games that is rare for a reason.

    The Pros:
    A crazy upper playfield with an inverted flipper that shoots a ball up a ramp and down the PF at the same time. Drop targets with standups behind them are always a good thing in my book. Hitting the upper left to upper right ramps shots repeatedly is incredibly satisfying. The mid- playfield lanes that drop to the outlanes remind me of some classic Krynski designs. This deck features the first pinball "Kick you in the nuts" (say it like Cartman!) shot in the history of the world. The Target of Tranquility is a true skill shot.

    The Cons:
    This game sounds weird. Oooooh, Uuuuugh, Ohhhh... What is this? This game could easily be re-themed into a pornographic pinball game. The art package must have been rushed, because I know that Greg Freres can draw up a storm. The middle of the PF is a gameplay trap that is a bore. Best of luck finding plastics for this game if they get cracked. Once the ramp novelty wears off, this game falls flat. Proof positive that game design is a balance and a true craft. Dan Langlois's ONLY table worth playing is Radical!, and that's with the updated tourney roms.

    The Takeaway:
    A truly novel layout that really doesn't have much else going for it.”

    “I've looked for this game for a few years and finally found one. In great shape too. I love the unique layout and scoring of the game and the unique features of it. As others mentioned the spinner is a great shot but it is quite hard to hit regularly. It is flanked by a pair of lower posts making it be a tight accurate shot with a possible STDM rebound or a light rebound to the sides. This can be an issue as a light rebound to the side makes a funnle shot SDTM. I absolutely love the vari targets as well. I think they are perfect for this application and quite fun to go for. We have fun challenging each other for pinball traditional scores as well as football scores available on this game. I'm so glad to get this into my collection!!”

  • KingNine currently owns this game.

  • “I played this game with the timed roms in it.

    The Pros:
    The timed set of rules mean that you are always on the lookout for shots that will give you more time. I do love me sum Gottlieb drops.

    The Cons:
    Shooting for the targets that give you more time means you are wasting more of your life that you will never get back on this pin-bomination. Artwork blows. The sounds do not say "James Bond" in the least. They say bloop-bloopity-squeak-bloop.

    The Takeaway:
    Run away in the opposite direction, as fast as you can until you drop.”

    “The game is a lot of fun to play - the modes are challenging, great audio and the split ramp is a neat idea. I like the shots and I am not a Ford guy, rather a car guy. It is not your typical music type pin and a refreshing change with great lighting. The current code 1.20 made a huge improvement and I am happy to own this game! Fun for everyone, center drain is vicious :)”

  • MN-Flipper currently owns this game.

  • “Artwork: The sculptures are great, I just wish they were more interactive.
    The playfield art, I like. I never minded the SEGA art or artists though, as it's more of a fine art style than a metro style like B/W machines of the era had.

    Layout: Not a lot of shots. If I had to mark it down in any one area the most, it would be here. The ramp shots are long and take a good long while to return to the flippers. A lot of pop bumper action, as many of the shots end up there. The ball can return to the shooter lane which is just weird.

    Music: Good, but repetitive. Needs a sub-woofer to take full advantage of the soundtrack.

    Rules: Simple, but difficult to attain. The goal is to stack multiple multiballs together to attain the biggest possible jackpots. You need to get 2,3,4 or 5 ready to go, and then shoot the shot to start them all at once (while of course holding off shooting that shot to not start them too early). That isn't very easy, and is where the challenge comes in with this title.

    Magnet gimmicks and the shaker motor winds up making this somewhat rarer title really feel like a cohesive package. A solid game if you just want to have fun flipping!”

  • tamoore currently owns this game.

  • “Shark!”

    “Shots and Ramps all over the place! Love the variation on the playfield. I think this game would be fun even in a small collection at home.”

    “Would have liked the modes to play more like episodes with some story telling. Relaly like the layout...maybe the best themed pop bumpers ever! mini playfield is VERY small but actually plays well. Challenging game when it is set to hard modes and no rubbers on the outlanes! Still fun no matter how you slice it.”

    There are 17184 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 688.

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