Need some help with Alltek MPU + KISS

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Need some help with Alltek MPU + KISS

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    1 year, 10 months ago

    Just got my transformer and rectifier board fixed by Steve Kulpa, and installed it back in my KISS machine last night. Also installed brand new Alltek MPU. At first, it was good news. GI lights lit, displays worked (hadn't before), etc. No flippers though. The sound at the beginning wasn't Rock and Roll All Night though, it was something else. So I thought the dip switches were configured for wrong game.

    Double checked them today, and set them for KISS settings provided by Alltek. However, now I fire the machine up and I only get GI. I don't even get LED flashes on the MPU at all. Anyone with a KISS machine, and an Alltek MPU...can you send me your dip switch settings, please? Really having a time with this! Thanks.

    1 year, 10 months ago

    No LED at all than assume you have a power issue. Connectors connectors! The rectifier board was fixed up, but was your female connector pins replaced?

    Start on the rectifier board, check the fuse protecting the 12v and check the 12v on the test point.

    Next check for 12v on the voltage regulator/driver board.

    Next 5v at both test points on the same board.

    Next 5v and 12v on the MPU.

    Once you find where the voltage goes missing at you can narrow down where the problem is.


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