EM TECH: 1957 Bally ABC Bowler

Started 2 years ago by Craigmack in forum TechTech: Generic.

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EM TECH: 1957 Bally ABC Bowler

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    2 years, 9 months ago

    I am looking for some advice on how best to troubleshoot this Bally Bowler. I understand these Bally bowlers were unique in that they didn't use Strike/Spare steppers as part of the scoring logic, but rather a 4 step "Director" Unit with "Mark" storage relays for each player (1-6).

    The problem is this. The game resets and seems to play 100% except for when starting a game with a single player or multiple players, player 1 always starts with its Spare mark light lit. I've gone through the Player 1 mark storage relays, and the Director seems to move and step freely.

    I'm not seeing in the schematic what else could be engaging to immediately put player one into Spare scoring after the reset.

    Looking for any guidance from anyone that has worked on one of these Bally bowlers on how to proceed. I'm willing to scan the schematic if anyone needs it.


    2 years, 9 months ago

    well I dont know anything about them
    however post a few photos of the insides - you never know?


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