Why I am the keeper of my wife's pinball machine

Written by Trebor on May 12th, 2012.


Why I am the keeper of my wife's pinball machine

Written by Trebor, published May 12th, 2012. No comments.

My wife, Marie, and I both grew up in the 70's and 80's and played pinball as kids. We were in two different states, and didn't know each other, but later found we shared many of the same types of pinball memories.

She told me she always wanted a pinball machine so we bought her a "Speakeasy" machine at the Michigan Pinball Expo 2012. We played it for a week before I broke it when I dropped the playfield while replacing a bulb. With some help I learned how to check and replace fuses and fixed her machine.

Now I'm here to learn more so I can keep her happy by keeping her game running. I'm still working off the bad Karma from breaking it in the first place!


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