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What kind of Pinhead am I ?

I have been collecting pinball machines since the late 80's I have been intrested in tearing into the guts and finding out waht makes them so attractive.  I studied electronics and openeded my own buisness in 1992.   I then started repairing and troubleshooting Commodore 64's TI994A's and COCO's Microprocessors were the up and coming world. But the real story behind pinball is not the Microprocessor but the single switch and relay system.  After learning and studying Microprocessors I was intrigued by dot matrix printers, and wo La there lies the secret of Pinball.  Yes each grand design was written around the operation of the TIP120 power transistor and a coil being taken to ground every time that amazing silver peice of steel hits something.  With a little programming and some beautiful artwork you have a pinball machine. So fasinated by it's works I began to troubleshoot and repair pinball machines instead of computers.  Now years later I have achieved my goal of being a computer engineer and aquiring my MCSE   ... Continued here »

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