Plunging Into Pinsanity

Written by PMcGee on June 5th, 2012.


Plunging Into Pinsanity

Written by PMcGee, published June 5th, 2012. 2 comment(s).

I played pinball in the 70's while in high school and college. Was never really that good at it - didn't bump and nudge - but managed to win enough free games to keep me interested. By the time the 80's arrived I was living on my own in a big city and had better things to do with my time than play pinball. Besides that, those video arcade machines were becoming more and more prevalent. And I had no interest in those.

Flash forward 30+ years and I am the father of a pre-teen. A neighbor moved away, and gave my son a good quality air hockey table. Our house in town didn't have the room for such a big piece of equipment, so we prevailed upon the grandparents to free up some space in the country so we could set up a gameroom. Air hockey was followed quickly by a multicade, and eventually by a Capt. Fantastic pinball machine.

Capt. Fantastic was the game I remembered most from my youth. Or so I thought. Once we got into Capt. Fantastic, I realized that Wizard was the game I wanted. So we got a Wizard. When buying Wizard, the seller showed us 23 or so wedgehead era EM's that he was storing for someone. Browsing Craigslist, I found a Gottlieb Paradise and drove half a day to pick it up. A few weeks later, we headed back and picked up those stored machines. We got many great titles - Gottlieb Flipper Fair, Cowboy, Parade, Gottlieb Target Pool, Dancing Lady, Baseball, Williams Hayburners II, Pit Stop, Beat Time, and a dozen others. They were in really rough shape - rats' nests in a couple, water damage on several - but they were ours and we had saved them.

About 3 years later, we are still working on most of our original acquisitions, as well as a couple dozen others. We have accumulated 51 pins (I think) ranging in age from 1947 Bally Rocket to 2008 Batman Dark Knight. (Would have loved to say 2012 Wizard of Oz LE that I have had on order forever, but that ain't happened yet so dreaming on). We acquired our own house in the country, and filled it to the rafters with vintage pinball machines. So much so, that we are buying yet another house in the country for the overflow.


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    RWH commented on June 08, 2012 12:55:48

    Wow!!! Talk about pin fever!!!

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    The_Gorilla commented on June 08, 2012 19:18:08

    Hello, Roberta's neighbor!

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