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Like most born in the early 60's (on the east coast) my first taste of pinball was when my parents would go bowling and give me a few dollars to go hide in the arcade. I played many games, some I had forgotten about till you see one again. In the late 70's this game called Space Invaders came and I totally forgot about pinball. It wasn't untill the late 80's when I happened into Celebrity Sports Center (Torn down now) in Denver and played High Speed and F-14 Tomcat. For a short time I worked in a arcade in Aurora CO. That is when I found Earthshaker. 

Fast forward to 2009 - 2010, after living in Seattle for 13 years and not thinking about pinball that much, the Seattle Pinball Museum opens and rekindled the fire. Now I will not go to any bar that does have at least one pin. If they had one and now it's gone I will walk out go to the next place. My wife thinks   ... Continued here »

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