Wizard of Oz LE (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz LE

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This machine got 357 approved ratings and currently scores 8.299 out of 10 points.

This ranks this machine #17 in the Pinside Ranking.


Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.08

Artwork: 8.941

Sounds/Music: 8.006

Other Aspects: 8.131

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There are 157 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“WOZ is a sight to behold in any home game room or location. It begs to be played and it is a fantastic game. It does take a while to learn the rules and to begin to formulate a general strategy of attack. As being very familiar with the depth of games like TSPP and LOTR, this game has a step up on both in terms of game rules. It will take quite a feat to get to Somewhere over the Rainbow, which will keep this games lastability in any collection. I also enjoy how know two games are ever exactly alike and the sayings are varied and the sound is fantastic. The modes (Fireball Frenzy, Melt the Witch, Munchkin sequences) and various multi balls are perfectly executed. I have seen WOZ from the beginning and am just amazed how far it has come. I still believe there will be more updates that will make this game even better. This was an amazing effort from a great pinball team/company and it will continue to set the standard for future pinball for years to come.”

  • plinde1 currently owns this game.

  • “Holy crap, finally played one and is it ever a beauty. Nice work JJP. Not my theme, but even with that said it knocked my socks off. Amazing.”

    “Have about 60-70 plays on version 2.0. Impressed right out of the gate on the visuals alone. It can be dark at first, but I've gotten used to it. The rules are very challenging, and it seems like it would be daunting for a beginner. It helps to watch others play so you can pick up on some of the things you need to do on the LCD. I love the stacking of the multiple multiballs and munchkin modes (on the rare occasion I can get enough loops to get one started) and the various callouts of the witch.

    What I don't love is "There's No Place Like Home". I've yet to do it, or see anybody else get it either, and that includes some good players who have already been to the "witch battle". It's incredibly difficult.

    There are some mechanical quirks that need to be addressed, the worst of which is the ramp switch that catches a slow ball and can't be dislodged without tilting. A slow ramp shot (usually when attempting the ramp shot from the right flipper) is usually what does it. I've had it happen six times so far, and last night when I arrived onsite, there was already a ball stuck there. The other thing is the little loop to the right of the castle door. It seems to reject shots about 75% of the time. The shooter lane bump is also kind of annoying, but I often go for one of the other three skill shots available instead, so it's not that big of an issue for me.

    These criticisms aside, I like the game the more I play it. I have been playing it on location, and it is sitting next to a Star Trek Pro. Since it arrived, I end up spending most of my time on WOZ and only a couple of games of ST.”

    “Looks good, really forward thinking, theme sucks, caint wzit to see jjp future gzmes”

    “Light variations are very cool. Game is fun but I wish the shots were more obvious. Overall a very solid feeling machine that I will play again and again.”

    “Great game especially with the new 3.0 code which needs to be installed to appreciate the game to it fullest. JJP has done a wonderful job with its first game and look really forward to their future releases.”

  • WesleyCowan currently owns this game.

  • “Very well may be the best pinball machine I have ever played on. Great layout, consistent shots are rewarded, and the toys really make this a fun game. The LCD screen showing clips from the original movie are great and timeless. The only downside is the scoring... kind of odd to win a free game at only 65,000 points (what the machine was set to).”

    “It's taken me well over a year and a couple of dozen plays to finally get to the point of liking this machine, but now I'm sold. It took me this long, because frankly, it's confusing what the heck to do in this game (I'm playing pre-3.0). For example, I don't know how many games I played before someone finally told me that to get to rescue multi-ball, the winged monkey has to grab the ball, otherwise hitting the rescue targets is futile. Before that, I just kept hitting the rescue targets not understanding why multi-ball never started. Would have been nice if it was more obvious. This game simply just isn't intuitive.

    This game kind of reminds me of how long it took me to like Twilight Zone, and that's because it took so long for me to understand the game. As more people get a feel for the rules, I'm sure this will be in the top 10.

    It's a beauty though, really. I think after every game I just examined the machine marveling at it's beauty, and how it puts the look of Stern games to shame.

    The other problem that I think keeps it lower in the rankings, is that the game, at least for me, just doesn't have satisfying shots. They're not bad per se, and I don't think the game is clunky. It's just that I can't think of any shot that gives me that satisfying feeling. Take for example the warp ramp on Stern's Star Trek. Anytime you hit that shot, its' hard not to feel satisfied, whether it's once or several times in a row. I never got that feeling with WOZ. Nor did I get any sort of rush, like in playing Iron Man. Granted, these are very different games in terms of style, but WOZ fails to provoke any sort of feeling while I play.

    With that all said, I think this is destined to be a classic. It's beautiful, interesting, and something completely different.”

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  • “Only played a couple of games as it was a buck a credit where I was,but this was enough to open my eyes on what Pinball can be. The fact this game is not #1 and is not even in the top 5 is baffling. WOZ breathes fresh air into the design in a new innovative way. To me this is called a benchmark and can only be outdone it seems by themselves.”

    “Played 5 different machines and just can't get into this game. Hoping for more from The Hobbit.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “My current rating is with 3.0 code. Best looking pinball machine ever made IMHO. Best theme integration as well. Gameplay is coming across nicely. I will revisit in 6 months after new code releases.”

  • gearheaddropping currently owns this game.

  • “I've owned WOZ for about 6 months now and with the latest 3.0 release believe I can finally give it a rating.

    My marks may seem high but after going through the description in each category, I believe they are accurate with respect to my preferences.

    The backglass category is a little difficult to rate since the LCD (which is great) is essentially the backglass, though the surround (which is just okay) does play a part.

    "Game Lighting" is another category that's a little difficult to rate. Others have complained that the playfield doesn't have enough general illumination. If I played in the dark, I would agree, but I play in a room with some overhead lighting so it is fine. The rest of the flashers and light shows are amazing.

    In my opinion, WOZ is a work of art!”

  • Jvspin currently owns this game.

  • “Easily the most fun that I've had at a pinball machine.”

    “I've played the game at 3 locations, the PHoF, Free Gold Watch, and Hi-Life.

    First, the good. The game feels solid. The toys are interesting to look at, and many of them are interactive. The LCD display is very clear, and the sound fidelity is excellent. Playfield art is vibrant and interesting to look at. Theme-wise, the game is very strong. Although I'm not crazy about Wizard of Oz, there was a lot of thought that went into creating toys and art that reinforced the theme.

    Now, the bad. The rules are terrible for a location player. They might be super-sweet for someone who can spend hours on the game and reading forums to discern what's going on, but all I see are flashing lights, gently strobing lights of many colors, and, out of the corner of my eye, I scry a monitor informing me that I should be shooting for some target that isn't properly labeled. I have been told that the game is very easy to learn if you merely study the included flowchart (no kidding), but I'm not aware of any other pinball that requires a Powerpoint presentation to explain the arcana of how to start a mode.

    Want to lock a ball? This is how I -think- it works. Well, you need to hit some rollovers (which are very difficult to pick out of the other flashing circular inserts) a certain number of times and then shoot the ramp that is also used for the house mini-playfield which also starts a Munchkin mode if you do something else. Of course! There's nothing intuitive or natural about the presentation of the rules. The constantly strobing playfield inserts do nothing to help teach the player how to succeed.

    Above my issues with the presentation of the rules, there's the issue of "fun". YMMV and all that, but the decisions made with layout, lighting, and software severely limit my enjoyment of this game.

    The layout promotes slow play. None of the shots are particularly speedy, nor do they feel "awesome" to hit. It's more like a "well I shot the right ramp again. Eh." feeling than the whizzy speed of a nailed Metallica or AC/DC ramp.

    Much has been said about the uneven lighting, and I agree. In a dim setting, like Hi-Life, it's easy to lose the ball. The game has a 'Christmas tree in a dark room' effect, where you can see the lights and you can somewhat make out surfaces reflecting the lights, but it's difficult to focus.

    Back to the software. Even more than the playfield, the software slows the game to a crawl. Example: If you lose a ball down the left outlane you can get it back if you hit some targets, hit some other shots, and then some other shots, and then some other shots. During this mode, it appears that you are earning no points (I might be wrong). It's confusing, It's a total flow-killer, and it feels like work. I'd rather just let the ball drain and try to get some real score on the next one.

    I didn't expect the game to live up to the hype, but this was still a big letdown. I can't think of a modern game I dislike playing more than WoZ.”

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  • “If jack was trying to make the best pin ever.? I think he might have done it.”

    “2.0 was the game changer. Game is brilliant.”

  • TaylorVA currently owns this game.
  • TaylorVA

    Pinball guru
    4,817,350 3

    “I wish I could give this game a higher score. The closest one is 1 hour and 3 minutes from my house, and I will be going back for more soon. All of the bonus levels, and extra play fields with one flipper each, the back glass and back monitor are so very interesting and make the game so enjoyable. GO PLAY THIS PLEASE you will not regret it.”

    “There is no denying that WOZ is a beautiful game with a great light show, deep ruleset (written as of 2.0), and solidly built mechanics. The theme is also very well implemented and there is a lot packed into the playfield. The LCD is certainly evolutionary, but the silver ball is still where it's at. I always play a couple of games at my 'local' arcade when I go (1.5 hours away), but I rarely get that "I HAVE to play one more game" that I sometimes get with my other current favorites (Tron, AFM, etc.). It sometimes seems that there are just too many options and maybe the rules are too non-linear (I can't believe I just wrote that). Maybe I just need to learn the rules better. It's a great game, but I think only time will tell (for me and for the community) where this game will eventually shake out. Hopefully, the lighting issues are finally resolved.”

    “Not a fan of the theme, but must admit this is some serious eye candy, sounds awesome and looks awesome, just felt the gameplay didnt grab me as much though which in the end is ultimately what its all about.”

    “For jersey jacks first pin this is nuts. I can't wait for the rest of his line up. Awesome game with awesome never before seen features. This game is very deep and playable by the whole family. Great game”

  • jrw_0221 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This is a beautiful looking pin. I love the lighting as well as the LCD. It's very fun to play. Can't wait till mine arrives.”

    “Whether you like it or not, this is a true breakthrough in pinball. Not a big fan of the game but I really think JJ did a great job. The lights are stunning, three playfields, deep rule set. I am excited to see what JJ does in the future. The repetitive music is a real bummer. Gets old really quick”

    “This rating is based on only a few plays, BUT, you only need to play this a few times to respect what's going on and see how much fun this is. I think the crystal ball is a revolutionary playfield addition. You can see the images perfectly in there.

    The back glass display is also revolutionary because it's like watching WOZ on TV.

    I think JJ really out did themselves here. Truly a great machine that is a lot of fun to play.

    My first rating was based on a few plays. This weekend I put about 15 more plays on this out in the wild. This is the most visually gorgeous machine ever made. The lighting is so amazing, it actual distracts you from playing because you want to watch the lights while peripherally watching the ball instead of the other way around. What an amazing machine this is. To me, it's the #3 game ever made behind TZ and STLE. I will own this one day for sure. If you own it, congrats.”

    “beautiful pin , fun , nice flow , would love to own one”

  • MEROPARIS has this game on the wishlist.

  • “First impression after 6 games on it: beautiful machine, but not overly impressed by the game play, particularly the flow. As a few others have commented it is tough to view the screen much when you are playing - it's more for the spectators. I'm sure I need to play it a bit more to fully appreciate it.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • There are 157 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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