Terminator 2 (Williams, 1991)

Terminator 2

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Game design: 7.867

Artwork: 7.752

Sounds/Music: 7.494

Other Aspects: 7.932

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There are 160 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“Imagine the scene...It's 1992...It didn't win the Academy Award for best picture but Terminator 2:Judgement Day was non-stop fun and full of Arnie action! Well that's T2 in a nutshell....You walk into the arcade and there it is...one of the first DMD's ever (sorry Gilligan)...Amazing lighting, speech, fun and flow for a game of that era. Art work was kind of like the film...Good but not great...The game plays even better then it looks and the cannon?? PLEASE!! It's a classic! Should be one in everyone's collection.”

  • Tkaye has owned this game in the past.

  • “Great movie, great movie pinball. Nice flow and a good light show. The adult sound ROMs are a must if you do not have a family or kids around. Excellent starter pin!”

    “I think T2 gets over looked sometimes because it was one of the first DMD's, but if you put it in context of its time its's really great pin. SR did an amazing job of translating the movie into a game that is fast and really captures the Terminator spirit. Not as deep as games that came afterward, but IMO, a game doesn't have to be a marathon to be good. T2 will give you a lot of fun for the buck.”

  • dgpinball currently owns this game.

  • “I just don't get the love for this game. The game is decent but the flow just isn't there. Lots of post shots. The toy for the multiball and jackpot is by far the best thing on this game.”

    “Fast, good flow, decent rules, the cannon, meh...”

  • John_in_NC has owned this game in the past.

  • “Decent challenge level, but not many goals that don't involve shooting ramps alternately. Great theme, but limited vocabulary and music. Beginner to intermediate level players will appreciate it.”

    “I was never a fan of the "trigger" to start the game off, but when you use the crane for skill shots it becomes cool. There may not be a better theme out there, the look of the playfield fits the movies perfectly. The "steel" skull in the back is a nice addition. Never thought the game was lit very well but that doesn't detract from the playing. Overall one of the best ever in terms of fun.”

    “This is my next machine!!!! So amazing!”

  • rmancini has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I played that pin a few time and liked it, nice flow, lots of ramps to shoot at. Not one of my favorite pinball but fun to play anytime.”


    Pinball addict
    975,950 1

    “Rule set need more variation as one only needs to hit a few shots and can ignore the rest of the table. I like the flow of this game and it can certainly be challenging, but could have done much more with this interesting theme so I do not do a lot of repeat playing. The art package leaves something to be desired, although the lighting is excellent. A landmark table with its inclusion of the DMD and it has very good animations, love the video mode. Needs more T1000.”

    “a classic
    may repeat ... but T2 :)”

    “fun game, overly simple and unbalanced scoring, great to own if you plan on flipping it in a few months”

    “I love this game.”

  • lg currently owns this game.

  • “While the game is attractive, has a good light show, Arnold's voice, and some flow, it is killed by the fact that it's a one shot game due to the rules. The only thing truly worth going for in this game is the skull lock shot. That's it, as it's the biggest pay off by far (50 million points for hitting the skull again after collecting a jackpot....wash...rise....repeat). Since there are no modes, it really doesn't make sense to go for the other shots in the game. As such, it's a game that gets old quickly and doesn't hold up in a collection.”

    “I loved playing Terminator 2 in college. I still enjoy it thoroughly.

    The Pros:
    Great theme and play. Ramps and orbits flow beautifully. Another great SR playfield. I love the Jackpot and SJP sequences. Trapping a ball AND shooting the roving lit target is always a true pinball challenge. The Doug Watson art package is top notch all around. The pinball cannon is a great toy that has seen many iterations and it works great on AC/DC. First B/W game with a DMD and it was integrated incredibly well. Kudos to the engineers and programmers with this game.

    The Cons:
    You would think a SJP would be a tourney kicker, but the real points are looping the right orbit again and again (software adjustments???). Why even bother with Payback time when you have a 5 million point shot lit at all times once you reach it? Maybe the game's rules can be altered to this, but for now... unbalancing is the word. Someone please tell me I'm wrong on this matter. Fortunately they kept the G n' R song out of this game. Axl Rose's voice would have made me want to kill while I'm trying to play pinball. Software bugs make PAPA drama.

    The Takeaway:
    A great game for the times. Not too deep, never boring. Unless you keep on shooting for the right orbit.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “Terminator 2 is straight up solid. Fast and fun, along with great shots and good flow make this a pin to own. Multi ball is easy to achieve and not too difficult to maintain - and I recall there being a couple of fun mini games as well.

    The playfield and lighting fit the theme perfectly and the gun handle just feels right. Being a long time Arnold fan, I always love hearing the sound bites. "Da-recht HIT!"

    I'm not advanced enough of a pinball player to rate its ruleset, but I always felt the game was easy to pick up and play.”

  • Launchpad has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Fun pin to play while you're waiting for your pizza.”

    “this is a super fun pin. didnt realize this was a steve richie pin until recently, but boy is it fun. love the gun plunger, love the cannon, love all the cool dmd animations and arnold's voice overs are also great. this pin still holds up pretty well for a earely 90's pin. the kids love it too. kid approved fo sho.”

  • ENDOFLINE has owned this game in the past.

  • “I love this title, love the theme and the look of the machine, very open playfield with great flow once you get your shots down, not a lot of variety but it is what it is, would be better suited in a large collection, a few SDTM shots are a pain, I have removed the ball save (don't like those things) all in all one to own and keep, these were/are played to death so playfield wear is common.”

    “T2 is the first of it's kind- the DMD era. This is a terrific pin but not without flaws. IMO there are two major flaws with this pin. The lack of rules/scoring and worst of all, the lack of music and sounds from any terminator film.
    With that said, it has fun modes, can be blazing fast, some of the best artwork every created- all over the pin- It's nasty.
    The modes are simplistic for the most part, but the flow is super satisfying. Once you understand what you're doing and hae your game dialed in, it's pinball bliss.

    In my honest opinion, it's one of the most iconic and classic movies ever and the pinball is the exact same way.”

  • shacklersrevenge has owned this game in the past.

  • “A good bang for your buck, but I prefer Johnny Mnemonic. Both games have a similar layout, but there is something about the 5-target bank that just doesn't feel right. It's fun, but If it wasn't for the theme, this machine would be rated lower.”

    “Another great Williams game! Played this a bunch back in the day and loved it. Cool gun ball launcher, sounds, lights. All-around a great game. It's on my wish list.”

  • papazit1963 currently owns this game.

  • “I think the machine that I had was a little faulty. I didn't really know where to make the shots... Seemed like an interesting theme, though overall a little bland and not much to come back for. Would never want to own one.”

    “This game is pretty fun, and the theme is awesome. There are some great must have mods that can be added as well. The cannon is well implemented, but it would have been nice if there were an additional toy to go with it. The simple rule set is nice. It's not too simple as to be boring, but not nearly as deep as other games like TftC. I've noticed people either love or hate this game, very few opinions in between. I, personally, love it.”

  • njlovold currently owns this game.

  • “This game just feels so clunky unless you're just combo-ing the ramps for hours on end. Aside from the pinball gun, which is totally awesome, there isn't much that stands out as special. Not one of the best looking games either. Overall it's just "okay".”

    There are 160 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 7.

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