Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern, 2004)

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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This machine got 350 approved ratings and currently scores 7.756 out of 10 points.

This ranks this machine #65 in the Pinside Ranking.


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Game design: 7.953

Artwork: 7.506

Sounds/Music: 7.312

Other Aspects: 7.861

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Found 102 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 102 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“I find this game fun for beginners but also deep enough to keep you satisfied. There is a lot going on and it's all well done. I like it a lot!”

“The game that tried to be the next TZ without the budget. It didn't succeed. Next to CSI my least favorite Lawlor game.”

  • pinballrebel has owned this game in the past.

  • “I got this machine for a friend, and have had it for a month while he's finishing some restorations. I just cannot get into it for some reason. I have TZ and love it, but this one doesn't do it for me. The rules are not readily apparent when playing it, I don't like having a target to hit that close to the flipper (RBION hole) - same with wolvorine annoys me on X men. Playfield is very cluttered, and this stops any chance of any flow. The cabinet artwork is dull, dull, dull, but the playfield looks nice. I'm glad I'm not keeping it, but the build seems nice and I'm sure my friend will enjoy it as his first pin.”

  • dendoc has owned this game in the past.

  • “It's a hit in a lot places, but a miss in others. It has a deep ruleset like TSPP and LOTR, which I like, but the game starts repeating itself after a long while. The voices can get annoying at times. It gets real tiring after a LONG time playing it, but after some time away from it, it's fun again. As for sound, they're not to repetitive, but the voice-acting quality leaves much to be desired. It's hard to tell at first exactly what the shrunken head just said. But, that's alright.

    Still, fun game. Not one I want to own, but sure would like to play if given the option.”

    “Would love to own this game. Lots to do, colors, lighting, and extra playfield decor like the shrinking head are great. I have played it in a local bar, who takes great care of their games.

    Very under rated in my opinion.

    Will have to pay more to see if the fun last”

  • andyj5555 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Great game play, does take a while to understand the deep rule set, butkeeps you coming back for more......”

  • Mato has this game on the wishlist.
  • Mato

    Pinball master
    3,443,000 1

    “Great game by Pat Lawlor. Love the theme. Placement of parts and game flow takes some getting used to. And rules are complicated. Similar to TZ on both of these points.

    But once you master rules, layout, etc. game is a joy. Very deep, fast and fun. VERY hard to complete all modes. If I had one, I'd keep it!”

  • Dbaum88 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I recommend playing several times before judging.....i did not like this pin for the first week or so. Then, bam, I love it! Still trying to find Atlantis....”

  • foureyedcharlie currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “RBION is a great game, lots of shots and personally I like the artwork and sounds but can see that part not being everyones cup of tea. Pretty deep ruleset and very tough to achieve the various wizard modes, on of sterns best for sure!”

  • mandelbloom currently owns this game.

  • “Something about this pin... Just can't quite put my finger on why I am not a fan. I will say it feels more solid than some of Sterns newer pins. Had a nice HUO RBION a year or so ago and played the crap out of it.. Got tiring pretty quick. My GF loves it though. Probably wouldn't put it back in my lineup anytime soon”

  • corvair61 has owned this game in the past.

  • “"A roller skating penguin" Travel the world with Ripley uncovering treasures and oddities. The speach makes this game more fun to me. The challenges at the contienents becomes repetitives but enjoyable. Good rules easy to follow and fun for the average player to the more seasoned one which is important to me and my family”

    “Great pin, if your into the theme it should be rated top 25. Personally I was a huge ripley's fan as a kid (the comics and the 90's tv show). Loads to do on this pin but it takes a few games to begin to see the depth in the rule set unwind. More lastability then most pins and should be rated up there with LOTR as one of the top sterns from the 2000s. Buy it while it's a bargain before people do a congo and see past the theme to the fun game underneath.”

  • pinmanguy currently owns this game.

  • “This game keeps you on your toes!”

  • Liftserv currently owns this game.

  • “This machine is rated below Addams Family although Pat Lawlor made it better than that. The playfield layout resembles Addams Family but much more packed. If Stern would have widebody pinball machines this could be one. Its a pity that the backglass artwork and lighting, and the cabinet artwork are not that great.”

  • MrJones currently owns this game.

  • “I was surprised at the low ranking of this game and I had to give my opinion. There's a nice rule set and this game has lots of replay-ability.”


    Senior pinhead
    511,000 1

    “This is a hard game to rate for me. I wanted one so bad. While I enjoy it, it lacks that "just one more game" thing that other games have had.
    The good... There is a lot going on. There are a ton of shots. I love the magnets. The Idol is great. I LOVE the theme. The head is cool and does not seem to get annoying. The mutli-balls are frequent and fun. Nice lights. Getting the superjackpot is suck a great call out. There are a ton of modes. Getting all R I P L E Y S letters is SOOOO hard. The skill shot is very hard but worth the huge points.
    The Bad...The upper playfield/slot machine is a waste. This is the worst part of the game for me. It could have been so much better. This hurts the game IMO. The main playfield is too crowded.”

  • Jgel has owned this game in the past.

  • “Ripley's is a game that I really like to play. With this rating system, it may not show it, but the Art and Sound on this table are very much a hodge podge of... let's say it does not shine.

    The Good:
    Gameplay is a challenge. Shots are varied and require your attention at all times. Riles are well done. WZ mode is a real challenge. The Vari Target is cool, but has to be well maintained to really shine. Adam Rhine's animations make this trip a very entertaining one. Shots everywhere and quite a bit of strategy with the way jackpots are built. 2X PF is tempting any time, but trust me... you want to save this for the big whammys.

    The Bad:
    Youssi's worst BG (That is so painful to say, he's done so many great pieces of work for the pinball world). Maybe the single flourescent light does not help, but the BG composition seems cluttered and your eye wanders. Not a good sign when BG's look better unlit. Sounds should draw you into, not make you want to walk away from the game.

    The Takeaway:
    Pat Lawlor's deepest table since TZ (yes, it's really quite good).A great game for the $$$ and a real player's table. If you can get to Atlantis, your pin-fu is very strong. Keep your attention on the ball, the rest of the game is not so easy on the eyes. Back when this game first hit the streets, itwas not received particularly well. As time has moved on... players have warmed up to it's variety, depth and difficulty.”

  • Caucasian2Step has this game on the wishlist.
  • 2 Pinsiders starred this rating review

  • “This game reminds me so much of why I'm not crazy about modern machines. I started out with five credits, and wound up playing twelve games because I was winning both on score, and Specials.

    And lo and behold, by the twelth game I still had NO FREAKIN' idea of what a penguin loop was, or how to go about cracking the code, or whether or not I was still trying to hit the vari-target thing four times, or if some other task had been issued. It's like playing Dungeons and Dragons, or learning Klingon, or some other useless geeky activity!”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “A pretty cool game with plenty to do. Not totally crazy about the theme, but the colors of the cab and PF actually look better in person. Lots of shots, but a stop and go type of game for sure. The magnets are great and really lock the ball down and fling it. The shrunken head is cool. Some of the callouts could be a little improved.

    Have to keep editing as I seem to enjoy this game more and more. The theme took awhile to grow on me, but there is a lot to do and callouts are random and fun. Not too many people big on freaks or side show acts, but the colors are quite vivid and it is an attractive pin in my book. My non pin friends enjoy this more than Tron, since it is slightly more forgiving and slower.”

  • Toasterdog has owned this game in the past.

  • “This game is at a local bar that I go to now and then. It's fun to play and the "facts" it spits out are always entertaining. I like the shrunken head in the play-field, it adds to the overall vibe of the game.”

    “While "Ripley's" seems to have all of the ingredients necessary for a classic, I can't help but feel there's something missing and as a result, isn't a game I'd ever want to own. I think it's a good game, but it's just not for me.”

    “This is my first Stern machine as I was of the similar mindset of only owning Williams brand products. Whatever! This pin will never leave my collection. Too many times has it been compared to TZ, and I agree. It's just well done, has a ton of things to do, and is a darn hard machine to beat (I currently havent done it yet). I'll probably never beat this machine. It also took a long time to understand the different modes, which to me keeps me interested longer. Once you replace the backglass light with LED conversion, it doesnt glare so bad on the playfield glass - which was a huge annoyance. My only complaint is the tournament lockdown bar grab points... which is an issue on all STERN machines and results in a loose fitment. Because of this machine, I now give all STERNs equal consideration when purchasing.”

  • castlesteve has owned this game in the past.

  • “fun game to play, but absolutely zero flow what so ever, so if your a fan of lawlor games, you know what to expect, but if your more into fast paced flow, you may not like this. either way this game deserves a shot as it is a fun underrated game”

    “I feel like this table shouldn't be as fun as it is. The rule set is too complex, some of the shots are ridiculously difficult, and you have to do a whole lot of work to get a high score. But I keep coming back to it, mostly because it's one of those games where you come THISCLOSE to achieving one of its big goals, and you want to come back and prove your worth.”

    “One of the best Sterns ever made and it's fun, challenging and has good depth. I starting learning more about the books and museum of Ripley's because of this game which was neat and adds to the fun of the game as well.”

  • WesleyCowan currently owns this game.

  • There are 102 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 5.

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