Playboy (Stern, 2002)


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This machine got 109 approved ratings and currently scores 6.921 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.056

Artwork: 7.061

Sounds/Music: 6.336

Other Aspects: 6.875

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Found 26 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“Challenging? no...Fun? Yes! However if you want a challenge remove the rubbers from the outlanes...this significantly changes the gameplay! Your scores will drop big time, when they are in it is a pretty easy game.

Doesn't hurt that it looks beautiful. You gotta have the nude photos to make the most of is playboy, go nude!

Ramps are laid out nicely, center shot is key, it is easy, so easy they put a blocker in front of it. Animations are top notch, beautiful dot matrix work. Love the sounds too, maybe the best voice work on a pin. Gives you the full playboy feel. Tournament worthy? Probably not, but tons of fun to play.”

  • BeaverBrewing currently owns this game.

  • “I've played Stern Playboy a couple of times and it ACTUALLY is a nice player with great flow... but I don't care for the theme and art on it. If this machine was re-themed I'd jump for it. As-is it's kind of a waste of a nice player.”

    “Not a big fan of the theme but.. why not.
    Backglass is **very** ugly - especially compared to its Bally ancestor.
    Love the lady on the side cabinet. PF artwork and gameplay are OK - no better than that. Some animations are fun but I would not stand the sounds for a long time.”

    “VERY NICE GAME wish there were some audio updates”

  • sterlingpinball has owned this game in the past.

  • “The actual game play was not the best, but the gimmicks and sounds of the pinball machine made me laugh and have a good time. The game, to me, does not have lastability, I played for an hour and did not want to lose anymore of my quarters. Also, the middle drain was huge and the ball can just slide right down it many times with nothing you can do about it.”

    “This was one of the most popular games at my bar..and was super fun for everyone, great multiball and everything works excet the cheesey 80's girls and worse backglass.”

  • oropuro has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Stern Playboy is a game that should play much better than it does.

    The Pros:
    Ummmm... it's a Playboy pinball game? Photo mode is an interesting idea.

    The Cons:
    Someone, somehow made a pinball game with this much technology and this theme that was an utter bore to play. I can't believe that Kevin O'Connor had this theme and produced this quality work. K.O'C. has created some of the most attractive women in pinball images for all time (AND this is a Playboy game?!?!?). Did they rush him to do the whole thing over the weekend?

    The Takeaway:
    Calling mystery programmer... Calling mystery programmer... C'mon guys... I know you can do better than this! During this era... did Stern even play test their decks?”

    “I can't get away from this pin as it is on location at several establishments in my area. This game is clunky and its not really clear where to shoot. The backglass is nice and the artwork is o.k. For its era there is nothing special or eye popping here. The music and sounds are unmemorable and the overall gameplay is scant at best.”

    “Walked into a bar, this was the only pin for 50miles. First game I clocked the champion score on. I actually got bored with game and just gave up after I got the highest score. I am not a great player, so it made me feel awesome. But the game sucked I seriously got bored with it and just walked away.”

    “I finally got to play this machine, not bad, interesting fan layout- decent ramps, funny/cheesy DMD sequences... Like System 11 implied, this can be a combo machine! Unfortunately the one I played had the lingerie pics... : (
    If I ever picked one up I would have to make some drastic (artwork) changes to want to keep it. The playmates are terribly rendered and the inserts are uninspired. I would have loved to have seen more of a "Sexy Girl" attempt with sunken centerfolds.”

    “Underrated effort from Stern. Not a very family friendly theme and some of the artwork is low quality, but the playfield layout (a classic Gomez fan) is tuned to perfection, there's not a clunky shot on it and combos are a blast to put together. The toys are great and put newer Sterns to shame.”

  • system11 has owned this game in the past.
  • system11

    Pinball master
    2,152,950 9

    “The worst machine i have ever played (wait, i played a spanish pinball last month that was awful.......... no this was worst), even the girls weren´t the best choice, and that magazine that opens in the middle of the game just to show a topless girl???, come on Gary (Stern) the pinball fans are expecting more from your company...”

    “A very fun game... not deep, but that matches the theme... pinball is about fun afterall... I wish I'd not sold the one I had to be honest!”

  • pinballslave has owned this game in the past.

  • “good and fun pin i like playing it many shots in my top 5 Georges Gomez games ( with Monster Bash Lord Transformers and Johnny Mnemonic ) better and deeper than Sopranos and Batman”

    Great fun game with awesome sound and playfield art. Very varied and fast playfield layout too with some clever toys incorporated.

    So damn easy! If would be nice if there was more depth to it and if the toys did something more than just reveal the same photo each time they function.”

    “This is one game that I find embarrassing to play - Stern, why was this produced?”

    “Not my favorite but not the worst Playboy pin...
    None of my favorite playmates in it...
    I just don't know how someone could be turned on by the gameplay or execution in this game.”

    “Played one game and I was bored to death in about 10 minutes. Way too easy. Prime example of a good theme being ruined by awful design.”

    “LOVE this game!!”

  • PINBELL has owned this game in the past.

    Pinball master
    3,467,650 4

    “great corny game, not the best family game, but idealy for a mancave. Good fan layout and always fun to collect all playmates.”

  • JoachimR has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Not a bad game. gets boring after a while. cool theme, but they def could have did a better job by putting in some harder shots, more exciting moving parts, etc...”

    “One of the worst Stern pins you will find & one of Gomez's worst designs. Sadly, Stern could have really outdone what Bally did for Playboy years ago (DE's Playboy sucks). The toys in the game are definately entertaining. Your friends will get a kick out of the revealing playmate pics (revealing gimmick was used again for Stern's Batman). The folding centerfold layout at the main ramp is very cool to see operated for the first time. The interchangeable racy playmate pictures (lingerie, topless, & fully nude) is a good idea for businesses/gamerooms operating in the presence of children. Humorous dot animations, and fun Scared Stiff-like suggestive vox. Not a very fun or deep game to continue playing, after the initial naked chicks thing runs its course. Artwork is not very good. A younger looking Hefner looks odd on the translite, while the surprisingly non-photoshopped ladies on the playfield look heinous. Music in this game is awful, and there is hardly any flow in this one-shot game.”

    “I hate this game. Rules are shallow, many modes that do nothing of worth, eg. Splash, Photo Shoot, Tease, Peek-a-Boo. Got my highest score by just shooting the left ramp, it's tedious but can be done infinitely if you never miss, and it is a very easy shot.”

    “This game gives you no reason to want to play it again unless you just want to see a topless model. It is boring and is a waste of time.”

    “Great sounds, amazing theming...just not so much fun.”

    There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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