Kiss (Bally, 1979)


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Game design: 6.598

Artwork: 8.553

Sounds/Music: 6.235

Other Aspects: 7.093

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There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“Very good early Bally Solid State. I don't like symmetric games as much as asymmetrical ones, but it works pretty good for Kiss. Scoring is consistent with the other Bally's of that era, so if you kick ass early on it you can coast thru, esp on a 5 ball game. You either like the theme or you don't, not many people are on the middle. Can't find them cheap any more, so if you're looking for a player from this era maybe look for a Mata Hari or something instead.”

  • SteveRivet has owned this game in the past.

  • “Beautiful game, great artwork. Very low lastibility. Fun to play a couple times but gets old real quick”

  • Iceman5000 has owned this game in the past.

  • “KISS sounds like a great potential pin for its time, but I just find it dull and overpriced.”

    “Of course a classic machine, with an awesome theme. Very fun to look at, but plays a little clunky... It is a bit easy at times, but can be very addicting at the same time. If nothing else it can sit and look pretty...”

  • wildinindiana has owned this game in the past.

  • “The KISS theme is what makes this a great pin. the gameplay is actually pretty addicting spelling KISS a bunch of times to score big points. Without a great theme, like this one, i dont think any pin from 1979 is worth owning.”

  • tjc02002 currently owns this game.

  • “Kiss the pinball and the band are 70's icons that come together perfectly in this game.

    The Pros:
    Kevin O'Connor's artwork is brilliant all around on this table. Jim Patla's design is understated, simple and very playable.

    The Cons:
    I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day in 4 bit sound... this is a rock and roll pinball right? I have to admit that I find myself singing the lyrics with the tune when I start my game, OK, it's not that bad. I know that this is what the tech at the time supported, but it seems shallow. The rest of the sounds are basic in comparison to that...

    The Takeaway:
    The Army will always be seeking this deck. It's a fun game and they made 17k of them, but the price will always be too high for what you get from the game for playability. If I'm paying 3k for a bally of this vintage... Give me a Paragon and a few others and I'm a happy pinhead.”

    “If it wasn't KISS, this game wouldn't be a big deal. A band like KISS deserves a better pinball machine.”

    “Very generic layout but with the artwork along with the sound(for the time)
    it still has a good flow. Yes, you would have to be a KISS fan but I liked it.”

  • KPM19 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Tough game to rate. Very simple, but on par for its time. Your paying a premium for the theme, whiel the gameplay could leave a lot to be desired. Great for non-pin people parties and gatherings since everyone knows KISS and the rules are easy to grasp.”

  • dieseldogpi has owned this game in the past.

  • “Pro-forma game design. One of the first games tied to popular culture. Didn't compare well to peer games and wasn't compelling in game play, story or anything else. Of course, since Kiss has somehow stuck around, it is retro cool, but imagine instead if you were rating a "Hall & Oats" game . . . yawn”

    “Kiss was huge in the 70's and I remember this table being very popular with the high school crowd. I was bit younger, but did play it. The music and backglass were some of the best ever. The gameplay itself was nothing special or innovative. A solid late 70's or early 80's game, but not a lot of replay value for me. As much a jukebox as a pinball machine to me, but I would like to own one.”

    “A collectors game more than a players game. If you're really old school, you may like this one more than me. And yes, I still listen to Kiss.”

    “Fairly symetrical playfield makes the gameplay fairly straight forward. The main goal of the game is to spell KISS to increase your bonus. Don't Tilt or you will lose a ton of points. The spinners are tight shots and the 4 pops give a lot of randomness to the ball. Sounds are typical pinball sounds of the day. The one KISS song it "plays" seems out of place because of its lack of quality compared to the rest of the game's sounds. The flashing KISS marquee is pre-flasher era and was cool for its time. Artwork is very well done. Some of the best on any game, even if you aren't a KISS fan.”

  • SealClubber has owned this game in the past.

  • “Great artwork and music, but there where it stops for me the most overpriced game in the history of pinball.”

    “Out of all of the games I own, the KISS pinball is the one everyone wants to play. People simply gravitate directly to it.

    It is fun to play and has a great backglass. They made lots of these tables, everyone should own one.”

  • vid1900 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Not a bad game for the bleep bleep era... gameplay is OK with a bonus building strategy. Not a fan of the band, so this lets it down for me! If you like Kiss, however, get one!”

  • pinballslave has owned this game in the past.

  • “Looks great but the game play just didn't excite me. Maybe I missed something and need more plays.”

    “I love the look of this pin, I just wish it had a wider variety of shots. It gets boring real quickly due to its limited shot selection.”

    “KISS my GLASS!
    Absolutely over rated game.
    If you take KISS theme out of this game then it would sell for $200 or $250!
    Quit the obsession with a crumbly pin!
    The mania is just too much over this boring game.”

    “Another classic Bally with a fantastic art package on the backglass and playfield. Prices on this pinball are 10X what my Supersonic is! Gameplay is about the same but KISS has the edge with the the extra bumper and lamp matrix.”

    “Being a KISS fan (the group) and having fond memories of playing this game on location as a kid, I am surprised that the game play doesn't seem as great now...When held up against other Bally games of the era (SBM, SI) seems to move slow, and not have a great flow....a nice looking machine, not one I would add to the collection anytime soon when there are better Bally titles out there for less money.”

    “My parents bought this machine in the 80s when I was a kid. It has held up well and plays the same as it always has. When compared to modern games KISS is dated but if we measure it against it's era it has merit. The playing field is open and symmetrical. The objective is to build end of ball bonus by spelling KISS up to 12 times. Players utilize ten different shots to spell kiss so there is decent variety. There are four important targets on the right side that award 2x bonus and the extra ball (and hence another end of ball bonus). The left and right loops are money shots too when lit.”

  • greenstreet currently owns this game.

  • “This machine has always been popular. I guess most people are drawn to the KISS theme. As far as game play, I never found anything overly spectacular about it. There is a method to the madness with it, but nothing too noteable. I do like the back glass art and the playfield art.

    The collectability makes this game apealing to me. Other than that, I gave it an avage rating based on my play experience with it.”

    “kIZZ ROCKS!”

    “Everyone who has every played Kiss knows that this pinball was designed with very deep thought. Was the band involved??? Humm, interesting question. I know I just loved this pinball and the sound that came from it was just like the band, loud and enjoyable. The goal was to light up kiss in a horizontal and vertical fashion with multiplier add ups, extra balls and specials along the way! Again, another one to search the lands over for to add to my game room.”

    There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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