Kiss (Bally, 1979)


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Where to play "Kiss"

The Pinside pinball map lists the following locations where you can play "Kiss"

New York , NY, United States — 30 games
Added November 21st — Updated April 20th
Osaka, Japan — 60 games
Added April 17th
Glenn Burnie, MD, United States — 24 games
Added July 29th — Updated April 6th
Pelham, NH, United States — 94 games
Added March 28th — Updated April 6th
Las Vegas, NV, United States — 212 games
Added April 28th — Updated April 3rd
South Roxana, IL, United States — 81 games
Added April 30th — Updated March 26th
Pittsburgh, PA, United States — 10 games
Added January 16th — Updated March 17th
Austin, TX, United States — 83 games
Added May 19th — Updated March 17th
Linfield, PA, United States — 16 games
Added August 30th — Updated March 17th
middletown , NY, United States — 32 games
Added December 5th — Updated March 16th
Chicago, IL, United States — 10 games
Added May 6th — Updated March 14th
Las Vegas, NV, United States — 69 games
Added November 1st — Updated March 11th
Linfield, PA, United States — 15 games
Added March 9th
Grandy, NC, United States — 62 games
Added December 25th — Updated March 5th
Chuo-ku, OSA, Japan — 56 games
Added February 3rd
Collingwood, ON, Canada — 3 games
Added November 11th — Updated January 15th
Lyons, CO, United States — 43 games
Added April 29th — Updated November 9th
Asbury-Park, NJ, United States — 157 games
Added May 4th — Updated November 9th
Carnegie, PA, United States — 288 games
Added January 3rd — Updated October 23rd
New Orleans, LA, United States — 5 games
Added March 17th — Updated September 7th
Pelham, NH, United States — 70 games
Added January 14th — Updated September 1st
Pelham, NH, United States — 114 games
Added May 4th — Updated August 25th
Charleston, SC, United States — 1 game
Added August 19th
Pittsburgh, PA, United States — 21 games
Added June 8th — Updated July 23rd
Chicago, IL, United States — 2 games
Added May 23rd
Santa Barbara, CA, United States — 2 games
Added July 5th — Updated April 1st
Manhattan, NY, United States — 1 game
Added May 4th — Updated January 26th
Chicago, IL, United States — 2 games
Added May 9th — Updated January 25th
Charlotte, NC, United States — 1 game
Added August 12th
Laconia, NH, United States — 22 games
Added September 17th — Updated August 7th
Karlsruhe, Germany — 6 games
Added July 14th

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