Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams, 1993)

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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This machine got 929 approved ratings and currently scores 8.457 out of 10 points.

This ranks this machine #11 in the Pinside Ranking.


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Game design: 8.354

Artwork: 8.454

Sounds/Music: 8.348

Other Aspects: 8.505

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Found 261 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“This and Twilight Zone are probably my top 2 games of all time. This one probably gets the nod as my favorite because the theming is timeless. The integration of the toys, sounds and animations are everything an Indiana Jones and pinball fan could ever imagine. I waited a long time to get this game in my collection and it will always be there. I hope that if you get the chance to play it, you will agree this game is an adventure into the Indiana Jones universe.”

  • plinde1 currently owns this game.

  • “I just don't understand it (the game itself OR it's popularity)...”

    “IMHO best Mark Ritchie game. Great toys, great tie in with the movies. Lots of variety. I love the narrow escape gate.”

    “I fell in love with this pin after just one play. I can see why it ranked so night by others. I would love to find a nice example and bring it home.”

  • sed6 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “What a game! They nailed it in 93!”

    “I think this is my new favorite. Great all around.”

    “Great theme with exceptional artwork, sadly spoilt by a crass 80's style general midi soundtrack, mediocre gameplay and a unrewarding tight layout.

    A game for those who prefer looks to game play.”

    “Even after all these years, IJ still boasts one of the best themes in pinball. Action, Adventure and Suspense. This pinball really does put you inside one of the best movie franchises in history. The Gun handle ball launch, DMD video modes and upper playfield add to the unique experience this pinball offers. The game is not "deep" by today's standards but there is a great challenge offered by trying to get through each of the modes before attempting wizard. The 6-ball multiball combined with the wide body allow for some really exciting pinball action. I don't currently have this pin in my collection but I hope to get one soon. "See ya tomorrow Indiana Jones!"”

  • pinchamp currently owns this game.

  • “Best game ever made”

    “It's so funny, for years I thought this game was awful. That was due to playing it on location where they were very poorly maintained and weren't set up properly. Then I played a collector's quality version and decided I needed to put it on my wish list. Eventually I found one on Craigslist and WOW! What a game! With limited space (5 games), I cycle games out frequently. This one is staying put!

    What makes the game so great? Well, everything. Great theming, great sounds, great animation...but most importantly great, GREAT game play. Everything just feels right, with no wasted shots. It's ridiculously deep, with tons of different modes. Even the video modes, which usually stink, are fantastic on this game.

    I've always maintained that Monster Bash is the greatest pinball machine I've ever played...but over the years, IJ is inching ever closer. Cannot say enough good about it!”

  • RDReynolds currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “Loved the IJ movies (well the first 3) and this pin integrates this theme very well. Plenty to do here many modes and multiballs as well as 3 cool video modes. Love the music and the call outs. The only minus for me is that the game is a little floaty because its a widebody. A great example of a pinball from the top of the golden era of pinball.”

  • The_Fonz currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “remember playing this at an arcade as a kid, one of my first pins i played, and had the pleasure of owning my own recently, lots to like with this one, not much wrong with the layout all in all great theme and a joy to play”


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    “Love this game, probably as much as TZ.”

  • neurokinetik has this game on the wishlist.

  • “It's to bad this machine is so expensive ,I wish everyone owned this game it really is that much fun to play.Take away the Indiana jones theme and you still have an amazing fun game to play .”

  • Wariodolby currently owns this game.

  • “Best game ever made”

    “Great looking game, love the shots and toys.”

    “You know why this game is so expensive? Cause it's awesome.

    It's Indiana Jones! I like this version so much more than the Stern. The sounds are incredible with the real sound effects from the movie (I have never heard a real pistol sound that HUGE!). There's just so much satisfying about this game. The twin ramp shots feel so good to hit (the plane sounds help), and the music (though MIDI vs actual audio like on the Stern) sounds fantastic. The theme definitely works in this game's advantage. This is where basing a game off an actually good movie (unlike JM, DM, Congo, etc...) helps!

    If this game were in my collection, I could see it getting the most play from guests. Very cool and highly recommended.”

    “My wife's favorite pin, gameplay is ok, music and speech well chosen, original mini play field, i like the "choose wisely"-animation”

  • stricht currently owns this game.

  • “Really love Indiana Jones. This is one great game and now a classic. Lots to do and tons of shots. Great Game !!”

    “Its my favorite wide table for sure.
    Love the theme, the music, the custom speech, the three video modes and all.
    Are looking for one in mint condition to add to my collection.”

    “the more I play it the more I like it.”

    “I can see why this is so popular. Great layout, ramps are super smooth. Themed well. Really enjoyed it.”


  • Myles32 currently owns this game.

  • “I like this game. I got a chance to play it, and I will say, it never leaves my mind afterwards. It's a great game, with all the modes referencing a scene from the first three movies. Ruleset is also real deep, which I respect a lot, as I have yet to get to Eternal Life, but one day... one day... A great game if you see one on location. I'd probably get it myself, but I'm concerned with maintenance and the similar aspects. Still, fun to play!”

    “Great pin, didn't last too long though. Once I got to final adventure I lost interest. I know I'm in the minority but I actually enjoyed the Stern Indy better.”

  • Hazoff has owned this game in the past.

  • There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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