Family Guy (Stern, 2007)

Family Guy

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This machine got 426 approved ratings and currently scores 7.903 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.901

Artwork: 7.641

Sounds/Music: 7.844

Other Aspects: 7.918

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Found 136 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“Really liked the mini pinball machine!”

“Pat Lawlor is an all time PINBALL DESIGN GENIUS! In spite of trying to distance himself from the FAMILY GUY theme he has still managed to deliver some unique elements in an era where 'something different' is increasingly challenging to find. As a FG fan this game gets a head start with me, but the STEWIE PINBALL mini pin is so simple but so unique it will appeal to most. Controlling a miniature pinball machine featuring a mini ball with the normal full size flippers & cabinet is bizarre...but most importantly - STACKS OF FUN! Featuring more audio grabs than any other game ever is a huge asset given how friekn funny FG is. FAMILY GUY is my favourite STERN to date!”

  • carbonROD currently owns this game.

  • “I found Family Guy to be a very average pin. Dislikes are easy: the TV Scoop shooting the ball right at the flippers after way too long of pauses. The relatively useless 3rd flipper. Lack luster ramp shots. Not clear enough for me the rules and scoring logic. Unnecessary toilet humor.... like really, spell "fart", c'mon.
    Positives: I like the theme, sound quality and ball saver. Although at times it caused me more lost balls than if it were never there. But thats my lack of experience on the machine.
    Lastly, I never spelt a name out to get the upper Stewie pinball to activate. So no comment unfortunately on that, looks fun. Should have been a whole Quagmire theme.....Giggity Giggity!”

    “There's a bowling alley in Bigfork Montana that has this game. We play every time we go down. Fun game with lots to do but I find a little easy. I can play a game for 20 minutes and I'm not that good. (Makes the wife happy waiting for her turn.) Fart multiball is hilarious. Fun to play but don't know if I'd like own.”

    “I would love to just own the mini playfield and its ruleset. It would be a sweet bartop game. Someone please help make this happen. Anyway, This game is mad fun!!!”

    “Family Guy is a game that took the theme of the table as far a they could and succeeded in making possibly the funniest pinball game... ever.

    The Pros:
    Audio cues from the show are hilarious giving you a more than a few "Did that game just say..." moments. The mini- pf is very cool, plays great and is a surprise as it goes against Pat's philosophy of: The ball should always be in danger of draining. Creative placement of shots are a welcome addition to that standard Stern layout that we have grown accustomed to seeing.

    The Cons:
    Spinner to kickout, Spinner to kickout, and again, and again... There is much more to do on this table, but that is where the points are...

    The Takeaway:
    If you like the show, you'll love the execution of the theme on this game. The playfield (large and small) is new and refreshing. The rules are deep, but most tourney players go for the shots noted in the cons.

    If it wasn't for the art and audio this game would be a 5/10.”

    “fun theme”

    “I was really impressed with "Family Guy". I believe it's Pat Lawlor's best Stern design, and my second favorite Stern game overall.”

    “The playfield can be frustrating, but this is definitely a machine where the experience of playing it outweighs any qualms you might have with the mechanics of the table. Seth MacFarlane and Co. went all out in providing material both old and new, and the jokes are funny throughout. The Stewie Pinball mode is a wonderful idea, adding depth to a game that could have been a bare-bones bore and still manage to make money. This table always surprises you.”

    “Played it for the first time this weekend. Good solid funny game with an awesome layout. I still prefer Shrek though, as the Shrek films have been part of life moreso than Family Guy episodes have.

    Is your watch slow, or is it just you?”

    “Family Guy, a game that I had almost zero interest in is a really fun. The voices are really funny. Not being a fan of the show I guess I had low expectations. The mini pinball game is cool. The shots were fun. An all around fun game. I wish there was a way to keep the loop shot going.”

    “I have always really liked this game and I love Family Guy so figured I would. Love the callouts, modes and animations. Mini playfield/pinball is cool enough that it is fun to at least get every once in awhile. Can get repetative though.”

  • bemmett has owned this game in the past.

  • “I love this theme. it's Classico Lawlor. Fun shots and Stewie pinball is genius.”

  • ozno currently owns this game.

  • “Family Guy offers a unique playfield design, awesome humor, and a very cool mini playfield. It's a game that most people will be drawn to and will no doubt get laughs from.

    The problem that I see with this game, is that it feels tiresome shooting the right spinner shot to light TV mode. Is that a deal breaker? Not at all. But, it's a game where even though it has so many cool things going for it, it's lacks a bit in the fun department. Sure, it's a great location game, but in a collection, I could see how this could get old, and lose out to some more exciting pins.”

    “I really liked this game. I played it at CP pinball which is near stl, It had a fair number of shots but the mini pinball table was super cool. I dont know if it would be one i would want in a one or two machine collection but in a 5 or 6 yeah it would work quite nicely”

  • royce6135 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I started to really like this game after giving it quite a few plays. At first I wasn't a huge fan. Mostly, I thought that Stewie Pinball would get old quickly. After a lot more plays, I can't say I love Stewie Pinball, but I'm less convinced that I would start to despise it.

    This is the funniest game there is, hands down.”

    “I really didnt want to like this machine. In fact, I was predisposed to not like it. I do like the show though, and I have a varied sense of humor.

    I had this pin in the shop for repair and deep cleaning. I added some LEDs to it as well. I dont know what it was like to play before it was clean and fast, but I couldnt stop playing it after. In fact, I laughed my ass off on this machine many times. I kind of get it now why this machine is holding value. While I personally would not pay what it is going for now, I would certainly own one if I could find one.”

    “FG is fun but if it weren't for the theme the game wouldn't be nearly as good. If you're a family guy fan you'll love it, it's packed with humour from the show. That said it's spinner > TV + infinity with a little Stewie pinball thrown in. It's fun but it's not the best playing machine ever made.”


    Pinball addict
    1,083,150 2

    “This is a fun game with some of the best speech in pinball - it is that funny! I enjoy the game as much as I enjoy Shrek but I do prefer the theme for FG.”

    “Have spent the last two weekends at Gameworks in Schaumburg playing and enjoying this game. I did not play it much when it first came out as I am not a huge fan of the TV show. I don't think that "not being a fan" should impact your ratings and actually gave it a 10 for Theming. The game has many cool shots and the rules are fairly easy to learn. Hitting the trapped ball on the right and spelling P-I-N-B-A-L-L so you can get to the mini-playfield is very satisfying and nobody in my family had a problem doing it. The mini-playfield with mini-balls and mini-flippers and a mini-ramp, etc... may be the best upper playfield in all of pinball. Not sure, but it seemed the flippers on this game were a little weak to make all of the shots. I would like to play another to see if they are stronger. The fun-factor was through the roof. There is a ball save between the flippers that extends ball times. This game was located right next to an AC/DC Pro and it made for a nice contrast. A color DMD on this game would look really sweet, but overall, I would highly recommend this game. I actually started shopping around for one.”

    “This is far and away my favorite modern Stern, just a great game all around! They really went all out on this one, especially with the sounds and voice quotes, possibly the funniest game there is!!”

  • dgpinball currently owns this game.

  • “I sunk a bunch of quarters into this game at a local Keno hall. The playfield was crowded but the theme and voices were really good. I like the toys in the game but Stewies mini pinball was pretty week. This game really needs LED's for better light.”

    “First the good: Love the sounds/humor. The one-liners are classic and make me laugh quite often. And the music for Stewie's pinball is the Family Guy theme as if it were played on a kid's xylophone - brilliant! Stewie's pinball plays very nice for a 'toy' and the tight shots to Chris, Meg, Drunken Clam, and Evil Monkey Jackpot are challenging. The not-so-good: Brian's 'beer can' seems like an afterthought (especially since he prefers martinis/cocktails). Some of the one-liners can be a bit lengthy. Stewie on a metal rod seems tacky (so I built a mod that makes it look like Stewie is standing on a toy box). Overall, great game, easily accessible and not too pricey (at least for now).”

  • chriskd currently owns this game.

  • “The little mini pinball game is cool the first couple of times you get to it, but after that it becomes annoying.”

    “Great pin, (most) everyone loves family guy so its a great theme, should hold up as well as any simpsons game. I played a new one back in 08(ish) and it was great, good shots and fast play, now I only have access to to a (under shopped?!) one and the difference is huge, the play is slower and it being harder to make decent shots made it feel repetitive.
    Also, bubble gum fart # match always gets a laugh.”

    There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 6.

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